Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Loyalty to your roots is everything. I know where it is I came from and where I want to go. I know whos coming with me and whos not. Its that clarity that serves as a reminder to trust only those that are coming with me.

I love snow in the middle and today I heard it fell to the north of me. It gives me hope. Hope drives the conscious. It's that drive which fuels progression. Today I progressed. I'm better for it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to Dreams


These days I find that the thing that haunts me is my dreams. I want to follow through but lack of time or effort on my part leaves these ideas hanging, haunting me in my sleep. This is a beginning of a passage. A simple idea, representing a past, present, and future of a lifestlye of sliding snow sideways. Opening minds, hearts, and doors for those who have shared or are sharing in this lifestyle. Connecting with people, space, time, thoughts, and actions. This is and will contiune to be a stream of a collective consciousness of process. Process to Progress while understanding where, why, what it is that has brought us to this piont. This layer of our lives. This living is Corduroy.