Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holden Tour On YOBEAT Son!

Yobeat's Holden Tour from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

The fine lades over at Yo Beat did a nice job of insider work over at Holden Outerwear. Fun video of Mikey breaking it down for you. Holden will be shipping soon, and is independent of it's former distribution agreement. Yep just Mikey and Scott running it on there own. So back some snowboarders who make fine fine garments for winter weather and beyond.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Here come the premier season, full swinger style. Get your ass down to Oak Street for this. See you in the mix.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Youth Shelter Supply Premier and Party this WEEKEND!

Should've put this up a while ago. This is going to be fun fun fun, yeah 3 times the fun. Check premiers party like tomorrow you can sleep all day. It will be Sunday. Make poor decisions and high five T-Nut!

Ski Company Buys Ski Company From Boardshort Company

Water sports short company's CEO to CFO - "It's summer I'm so over this Board sports thing" - "Me too, how's my top?"

Cheap Coffee/ Camping Gear Company's CEO to CFO - "Ski brands are coming cheap this year and statistics show youth likes the action sports markets, how about that tiger?!" - "Yeah plus our portfolio just diversified, four!"

Yeah it's true and a ton of riders support this shit. Fucking Stupid!

Oh still owns Footwear Snowboard brand and Snowboard brand who makes skis it's totally cool.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red Wave

So Boondoggle was the best skateboard premier i've been to in a long while. Props to the young bloods for coming out and backing the heads. Looks like a few more videos are in the works and droppin early 09ish?! This event is up coming and well be heavy, i'm sure, on creativity. If you're not going to skate come out and drink.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I just did a top five and listed Guch as one of my top riders. I remember sick runs in FLF's Road Kill from who knows when 93 maybe. Well it's great that the good fellas over at Snowboard Revolution did a interview with him. If you've never seen Guch ride you're missing out on some true style. So hit the link and read his interview also pick up any older Volcom video, I suggest The Garden.

If you don't know you best ask someone.

Friday, August 22, 2008

LNP Yeah! Makens Yeah!

Snowboarder Cover Shot for LNP. Well if you see him at the Premier buy him a beer and give him a hug. Rome SDS lined up a World premier with Bluebird who is also droppin a team movie. Keep an eye out for Midwest OG John Makens who's making an appearance in both movies. Also by him a beer and maybe give him a pound instead of the hug?!

If You're San Diego For ASR

Here's the Release-

Under the Influence - A Shred Carpet Affair

Bluebird and the Rome SDS are teaming up at the annual Socal Bro-down to give you a night worth remembering. Well, maybe you’ll remember it, maybe you won’t.
On September 4th 2008, during the ASR tradeshow in San Diego, the two like-minded brands will get together to show the world their unique perspectives on snowboarding through film—the Bluebird Movie and No Correct Way. There will be no dress code, no ski-brand bar tab, no proper etiquette and no mobile phone company sponsor. What there will be are two of the rawest, most progressive and most fun-to-watch snowboard films of the year. And of course some free beer and a shotgun or two.
Though one is from Jackson and the other is from Northern Vermont, Bluebird and Rome SDS both come from a value system that is influenced by methods, first chairs, face shots and the lives of resort-town ghetto kids. And when the films start running, their ideas on what is important to snowboarding comes through as loudly as LNP’s floral hippie shirt.
So leave your suits and fancy shoes at home and come hang with the blue collar of snowboarding. And to check out this year’s movies that best capture what snowboarding is really about—fun with friends who understand.

Modus Bar and Lounge
2202 4th Avenue, San Diego CA 92101
Doors open at 8pm

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Rome SDS Site Live

The new site from the Rome SDS is live.

Drop into to check out the new 1/1 Agents and reverse-cambered 1985 Artifacts, the new late 70s-era Bowery-influenced Libertine boots, the new neon-light 390s that fit seamlessly on the Artifact, and of course the new outerwear collection, featuring the Draggers Only and Vagrant jackets.

After a tour through the product collection, stop into the new Syndicate section with more ways than ever to get involved in the SDS: post videos easily or enter the Local GNAR contest on ShredTV, post your thoughts on “This Is Snowboarding” alongside Bjorn, LNP, snowboard magazine editors and shop owners, enter the Flophouse Gallery contest to win a grip of boards for you and your crew, or send your feedback on Rome gear easily through the Test Center.

Another new addition to the site is the SDS Blog, a place where you can hear the interests, opinions, and rants of artists, designers, reps and other people deep inside the SDS as they spout off about snowboarding, art, and non-snowboarding topics.

For those bathroom moments when you’d rather flip a page, sign up for the new Rome catalog that started shipping last week—delivered free to your door as always.

check it pages and features.


Says It All

Fresh Air movie is done and off to be replicated. Peep the blog they'll get you up to speed. If you don't know it's a crew of Michigan homies make moves.