Monday, December 5, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #17 BIg Sky Holiday Trip

Contributor Jake Durham jumped in with a crew friends to make there way to Montana for the Thanksgiving Holiday and Big Sky Opener. Here's some of the memories they made.

Enjoy your friendships.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #16 Backyard Session In Duluth

Grab some homies, fill up the truck, make it happen. Jake Durham, Boody, Adam Smith, Dylan Miller, D.J. Dexter, and Jesse Paul doing their thang in Duluth MN. No flat tire was going to slow down this mission. Thanks for filming and editing Jake Durham.


Monday, November 7, 2011

You Know My Function

This movies bring it. Sam has been in the mix for more seasons than you care to count. Brett's been workin his way up on the tow rope the past few years. Together they're bring a fresh taste to the plate, with a great mix of riders and a strong piont of view. You Know My Function is a lock to be on your playlists top played.

Shit go out and buy this...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Jake Breeds contributions to his crew and Michigan skating in moving pictures aptly tilted H.O.M.E.S. Always stoked to see his craft being refined, lots of great skating and spots. Thank you for all the support Jake.

Changes are in the air.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #15 Tricks For Treats

Pando host Tricks for Treats. People help to pull this together to ride with friends and kick off the shred in October. Thanks to Tommy Young for starting this event some years ago. It's become a staple. Filmed and Edited by Jake Breed

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Open For Business Troll and Wild

Trollhaugen is opening at 10 today FREE to hike. Wild Mountian is opening at 9:30 for hiking and the tow rope should be running around Noon. Both will throw some features on the hill for your jibbin pleasures. Well, I know my spirits just lifted a get deal. Hope to see on the slopes...

Midwest is Open.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #14 Shred Til You're Dead

Zombie Boardshop Crew brought out the ax for this preseason jam. The riders brought their hype and skills. Buck Hill supplied the features and snow. It's an early season shred that left a few with some back pain and others slightly richer. Thank you to Craig Williams for filming and editing. Props to Zombie Boardsop, Buck Hill and Staff.

Ole' to the snow getting here. NOW.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #13 The Shred Remains Duluth

Damage Boardshop host The Shred Remains in Duluth. Many attended and we had great times. Thanks to the Rome SDS, Damage Crew, LNP, Mark Wilson, Viktor Simco, Marie Hucal, Bjorn Leines, Grady, Lazz, Nick, and everyone who came out. Shot and edited by Jacob Durham of Make Fame.

Here's to it.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #12 VG World Tour

We got hyped in Minneapolis with the world tour premiers for Videograss Retrospect featuring Troll OG Ethan Deiss and Shoot the Moon featuring local talent from Riley Erickson, Jake OE, Danimals, Zac Marben, and Jonas Michilot. Also Make Friends Jake Durham premiered Time Travel his newest project. All in all people shared in a great night, tooking in some awesome flicks, supported some homies, and came together as a scene. Thanks to Joe Carlino, Cal Scott, Shawn Zombie, All the VGers for coming out, Riley, St Anthony Main crew, Film Society of MN, Craig and Eric for Filming and Editing.

We out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make Friends Presents Time Travel

Stoked on Jake's newest movie...We premiered this last Saturday. I was hyped on the turn out for VG and Make. Thanks for coming out. No thanks to the dicks who bombed the bathroom and made us look wack. Well it was fun while it lasted.

I guess it tuff to expect anything else.

Extra Love to Cal Surf, Zombie Boardshop, and Videograss for making happen.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Issue #1

Issue #1 dropped at SIA in January, it was created by Anthony Cappetta with interviews from Mike Thienes, Jonas Michilot, and Cameron Strand. We couldn't make this with out the contributions of our photographers, our interviewees, and some dreams. A massive Thank You to all that help make Corduroy Lifestyles real!

I hope you enjoy it's images, ideas, and thoughts.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Shred Remains.

Filming a team video was something I advocated the day I interviewed for a gig with the SDS. Two movies later and the third on the way, I always thought it was rad to have team movies as that's what skateboarding had done for years. I'm stoked to say that piles of Midwest kids are getting a chance to be in The Shred Remains. We lost a few winter soldiers along the way in this process but the likes of Viktor Simco, Cameron Strand, and Mark Wilson stepped up to put it on the line to film for this project. All these guys had other stuff going too, but piled in a van for months. Marie Hucal is coming off surgery on her shoulder after filming for two project the season before, but also piled in with the doods for months. Also Kevin Castanheira a Midwest grom when I first meet him is also helping put a touch on this film. It has me super excited to see it. I know there are a ton of movies I excited to see, but this really is close to my snowboarding heart. This is why we are behind Rome SDS, it's us, we're inclusive, not exclusive. We are you too.

There's to the real shit.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brothers Factory

I look forward to these movie maybe more then any outside the midwest ever season. They're teasers are always top top notch. Who's got a itch after watching this one?


Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Person, Good Cause, Good Product

Jake is a homie from along ago. Best of friends to BVBG aka Aaron Fryman an OG Fobia head, who forwarded me Jakes new endeavour. He's been designing for sometime but looks like he's followed through on a dream. We at Corduroy Lifestyle fully support such follow through. So go check Ethnotek Bags. Support those who are living life on their terms, becuase we all would like to be too. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #11 Familia Weekend Bash

Familia celebrated the fifth year of supporting the scene and peddling wears. The last weekend in May hosted Day Of Familia/True Heads Release on Friday, Burnt Art Show on Saturday and Soundset Showdown on Sunday. It was truly a awesome weekend that was put together with care and attention to the details. Many participated and shared in making memories. Congratulations go out to Steve Nesser, Adam Bovee, and Dennis Burdick for playing out all the stops. Thanks for making shit happen. Looking forward to next year.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Travel

TIME TRAVEL from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Jake is one of my favorite young Filmer's. Always on his own wave length with a great crew. Making it Happen. He's out in Hood at Windells interning for the summer stoked to see some images. Look for Time Travel to drop Early fall.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Day Of

Here we go. After a brief pregame last night, this weekend is setting up to be one for the memory bank. Day of Familia with special weekend goods and deals. Roll through with a crew cause the fun happens all day. If you want hang with some pros and bros I think the 5 o'clock hour should be loaded with True Heads. Then later continue to The Red Stag for the Release Party of the 5th edition of the True Heads Board Series. Saturday Slice aka Clint Peterson art show, more epics hangin and partyin to ensue. Wrap it up Sunday with SoundSet.

-Premier in Michigan laced up some Corduroy Main Photo Guy Cameron Strand shots of Ipath Regional Pusher Casey Huizenga.

-Corduroy Issue soon online for all to see? Layout action was preformed by one Colossal Human.

-OG Midwest Motion Picture Capturer and Editor is Building quite a large profolio Check you this site and demo reel. Yep Midwest.

-Speaking of profolio Ty Modz a young up and comer is doing some really rad shit as well worth a peek.

-Faction Boardshop In Alexandria just moved up stairs and refreshed the shop check it out if you're in the hood.

-Also giant welcome to Zombie Boardshop to the worldwideweb with their 7 years in the making website. Click that link and check it out so they know you're out there.

-Finals Mavs VS. Heat....Damn. Well If the Heat wins it just shows the way the bullshit creeps to the top in our beatass society. CASH RULES EVEYTHING AROUND us.....

Well with that on the mind it's rad when talent like Mr. Jake Breed contiune to roll with a purpose and a story to tell, regardless. Get out and push. Hope to see you this weekend. Ole'

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feel The Heat.

With Spring finally sprung I thought it important to revisit a great edit of some soul searching in the streets of Michigan. Thanks to the kids pushing the Ipath Footwear all over the Midwest and beyond.

-This weekend Nordic in Wisco is hosting a late season jam. I'll be there! Peep footage of the past evetns.

-Also this Weekend is a Celabration of Damage Boardshops Six Pack of Years! Bout too!

-Twolves time. Never won a 1st overall pick, never choose 2nd, been the worst in terms of wins 3-4 seasons. Bad Luck Puppies go for #1 in the draft tonight in the lottery. The Lottery systems sucks! Just saying.

-Day Of Familia is coming up, with Soundset and Burnt Art show, make it out this weekend. Clear the calendar and get real with some True Heads.

-Pleanty O Shred happening out on the West Coast. Super Bender and Hood firing right up.

-This has been out for a minute but Frank April is on some seriously proper skills (and has been for years now) that more people should pay more attention too. Yo rail kids, straight up, you need to get your trick selection and style up to speed, cuz many of you cats are living in a snowbounddreamlandwithyourboysblowinmadsmokeupyouownasses. Dig? I don't care. Your shit is constantly getting weaker.

-If you haven't ventured to the St Cloud Plaza I highly suggest you do. Peep it here.

-East Coast tour for most the Ipath Crew. Trying to work out something local on a smaller scale. Stay tuned.

-Neff East vs. West winner should come out soon. Looks like a Couple Midwest guys are potentially in the running. Props to Damage Boardshop, Martini Skate and Snow, and The Youth Shelter Supply for holding it down!

-Some Midwest OG respect over at Rome SDS for Craig Williams, well worth the read! Also Shop Homie Wyatt from Rhythm Skateshop in Houghton MI getting some L O V E.

We Out.

We'll leave ya with some footage from the Farm.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



This is a DIY shredding. Deconstruction through creation and action. Peep the full story at Comune's Spot. Shot and Edited by Corduroy Homie Kevin Castanheria. CLICK CLICK.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plaza Edit #5 From The Youth Shelter Supply

Sunshine two days in a row! House remodel with Haynie has me tied up. Bummer. Summertime and The Stash doing the damn thing. Yeah Matt.

Killin the sunshine.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Minnesota Minors Teaser.

The Midwest youth movement continues to grow. With so many riders coming up from MN, plus the continuous flux of pros and manams to our wealth of street spots. It seems like kids don't know the ledge round here, I like that, check some of the heavier spots. I was wondering if this crew of kids were planning on putting something out. A month ago it sound up in the air, but now it looks like they pulled the cord, nice to see fresh faces stirring the drink.

Let this kids play.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #10 Last Day at Nubs Nob

Spring Boarding was the plan and Jason and the Boyne Highland's Crew had a super fun set up on Saturday. Props to them for making it happen, many came to enjoy the 60 degree weather and get some final days in. With skateboarding on the mind, unique lines, halfpipe single hitters, and channel ollies we're laced all day. Post game a bunch of friends skated at small park in Poteskey, while others were beat from a day of rippin mashed potato snow and choose to retreat from the suns rays.

That evening a mucho meals was made and shared, celebration enused, birthday wishes were shared. Some choose to camp with fire in tow, i hear the night was long. We awoke to the sound of thunder and rain. With the prospect of riding diminishing and a heavy headache, the phone rang. It was Jason from Boyne saying that the second day of riding Spring Board Meeting wasn't going to happen, Area manager wasn't down. We slowly cleaned out the condo and asset the situation. Rich Whinnie made the call to Charlie Hoffman, Nubs was a go. Last Day. Lets go.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Of Unity.

The Youth Shelter Supply in conjunction with The Gallery Vault is hosting they're annual Skate Unity Event tonight. 

-Peep Jake and Brandon's adventures in Copper Land. 

-Nordic in Wisco is having one a after after season Event on the 21st of May?

-K Love Most Improved Playa. Nice. Lets not blow this draft or next season. 

-Not sure if you're on to these edits yet. But I do love me some Canland

Yo it's Easter, relax, enjoy some time to excel at chillin. Oh yeah 60 Sunday! Make magic in the streets. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In The End You Don't Know What You Think You Know.

Dave Lee is doing real shit. I'm super hyped on this segment. It's nice to see legends in construction and snowboarding making shit happen. Peep Paul Schmidt's line in his bowl, dope. It's important to know what has transpired before you, so you can can set a stronger edge into the line you want to take.

Slip sliding away.

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Roll

Make it snow, on its way to show, the my way, I roll to the north in search of the warmth of friends that share this same desire, i swear, i need to feel that wind that glistens sin of a free feeling i bare once i'm there, just check that rear view because it's still loaded with the white lines of memory that washed in from the past, before, where we drop deep to slash away from our day to day, no play and it's meaning less rodents who steal that cheddar that you worked so hard to care for, when you know i doesn't matter cuz it's only matter.

Well now thats off my mind.

So many things Rocking.

Familia Day of, True Heads, and Soundset events lock and loaded for May 27th, 28th and 29th

- Rome SDS annual "Local Gnar" Video Contest is on. Entries need to be in by May 15th.

- Ashbury steppin up the game on eye protection. Get some info.......

- Wisco Weekend one last hurra at Tyrol Basin.

- Lutsen is open this weekend. Get up there.

- Twolves season is over. Now for the Speculation season to begin. Will we get the 1st Pick? Is the Coach out? Whos the new Coach? Is Rubio coming? List is long...

- Brett Spurr is getting it this season with a cast of Troll/Wild boys. Peep the most recent trip edit.

- Also Foundation Snowboard Camp Vet Tyler is making things happen in SD. Good Job T! Peep the Teaser.

- Nesser Travels the world. Skated a lot of amazing spots. Peep this 05 footage from Beirut.

Rip it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Neff East Vs. West UH and The MIDWEST

Neff East Vs West Shop Video Contest Preview from TransWorld SNOWboarding on Vimeo.

Well it's tuff marketing a three pronged event, but East Vs. West is easier, so we'll let it slide.

Let it be known that The Youth Shelter Supply, Damage Boardshop, and Martini Skate and Snow are reppin the Midwest. Looks like it's going to be a serious battle with some heavy West and East coast shops in the mix too.

Winner gets all the Juice.

Tuesday it starts. The Youth Shelter Supply Vs. Milo Sport

Support your Midwestern shops. Lets show the coasts who loves they're Snowboarding the most. Spread the word. Vote.

Hold it down!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Stoked to have these two rippers helping hold it down in the Middle. This edit was comprised of a Session a week ago on some loose fresh and a rope. Garrett's on this way to Nationals to do his thang, Good Luck Homies. Shane just celebrate his birthday on a long weekend mission, plenty of time to recover. Afton's open Tomorrow Lets Get THIS.


B Larson Putting In Time

Larson popped a solid part in Poachers 10. I know he put in time in the streets and slopes over the corse of this season. Stoked to see what's coming.

Hells yeah!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terry Peak With Bald E Gal Plus Some Other Links.

Mike and Martens throwing down for a Mikey P in SD. Terry Peak looks sick might need a road trip west?

-Jake Breed with a St Patty's day twist on a session.

-Rome SDS Crew X Damage Crew = Heavy Shredding and Heavy Partying.

-Make Productions consistent unlike us. Peep the updates.

-Ashbury's own Lance Hakker and Midwestern done good on his own terms RP all up in this Sunday In The P.  Worth a Watch.

-How many "video crews" are going to have a more then few MN footy clips? Too Many! Time to explore. Just thinking out loud, I tend to do that, Deallll wid it.

-Japan is special. Neff is contributing a 100% of the sales of this shirt to relief in Japan.

-Season is slowing down with all the rain and warmth. Looks like Buck, Wild, are open this weekend. Spirit is kicking. Some spots in the U.P. running hours. In Michigan Nubs Nob is having a great event this weekend. On the 14th Boyne Highlands is Planning Spring Board. Get to it while you can. In July you'll wish you would've.

See you on the lips.


Friday, March 18, 2011


With snow not showing it's face due to us ripping it so hard. We started setting out deeper to get the goods. Found it and some great features to shred and film. Cam was fired up. 

Our accommodations have been great. Can you spot the Wolfe?

Went out to eat at a great spot called Rin. Tasty and fun. 

Squid fries for those American eyes. 

Rin. Shoes off.

Sun smiled on us. Off the top for some open bowl turns. 

Kop burning that turn. 

Hey Cam go stand on the Cornice. 

Pop goes the Cron. 

Our man with plans Simon Ramsay pop his bowl. 

Ramsay Park built by Wolfe. Ollie by Wolfe.

Sushi boots.

Medi O Core Family Dinner plus Cam. 

Rolled out even further for the goods. Tiene Sapporo. Cavan missed this spot, serious party foul.

We hiked the moon. 

Ripped while these people worked. 

So deep, So deep, but that leg to sleep.

Ramsay blast.

What a awesome day. Believe. 

Niseko nights. 

So many good times are being enjoyed quietly over here. We've been far enough north that while cancelations in this area leaves it light with people, we haven't been directly effect in any other way. 
Returning to spring shred in the Midwest is sounding awesome. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Has Been A Interesting Few Days.

View From a window in our Spot. Holiday Niseko fellas hooked it up! Travel time was long and we made all the connections and bus. That was a nice start to the trip. Kop and I have been here so we had a idea as to what we were in for, but Terry and Cam well that was another story. 

With a first night hang and bed behind us we headed out for a Friday morning for some famous North Island pow. Needless to say it was found. 

Rode with Perrin from Niseko Holiday for a while on day one. He showed us some lines and was ripping. Introduced the boys to the sweet Japan pow, styles, and people.  

Super fun? Yes! 

Mad Cam beyond the Gondola. 

Terry Hyped to rip so much bottomless pow. 

So much energy. Happy humans doing happy things.

We came home for lunch and everyone in our sweet third floor spot. With so much travel coupled with lag and a drink or two the floor seemed to be moving. We looked around at each other and wondered if the other could feel it too. The earth was moving, it was a earthquake, about 3 or 4 in our area. 
We watch TV as the tsunami came in. Crazed, we ran some errands and took in a night session. When we returned we saw the massive destruction all over the media. Our hearts go out to all those who lost life, family, friends, and belongings. 

The second day we decided to ride away from it and rip some more pow in a new zone. 

Cam practicing with some tail. 

Great crew day two. More to come. Long story short, this is what it's all about. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ultraman Revisited

-Loved this show as a kid. Makes me think of my next destination. Last time we were in Hokkaido we build a jump on Nakayama pass which we apply called the Ultraman. Well here's to Ultraman 2! If you want to go to Japan hit up Ashley and his crew Holiday Niseko. Killing it. 

-Rome SDS crew is haunting the middle presently. Look for Larry's good looks, Listen for Lazz's vocal lashing, spy Viktor swooning the ladies, and be still you might see a Mark Wilson. 

-Events Events Events. Just saying if you be your facebook, hello it's blowing up. Late season is always loaded with fun times. Make it count. 

-Have you noticed the mass amount of MN b roll out in the mix?! Big Things. 

Thank you to all the shops and homies for all the support this season. Although it's not over, I thought that need to get shouted out. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vote Make and Rhoades.

Am Throwdown - Brandon Rhoades & Jake Durham from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Snowboard Mag's doing an AM edit deal.

Main Make Production Man Jake entered Regional Rome Ripper Brandon Rhoades. We're all about back these two. So Midwest we hope you are as well. If not, we'll just hold it against you for life. No Big Deal!

Plus you're get a little sneak peek of Time Travel.

Thanks for the consideration. Corduroy Lifers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #9 Test Fest

Posse Bomb sessions revel the truth behind the lens of real vs surreal. Partying into the late night with all ages loosens the vanity of youth. The cold screw turns intensify the volume in which one may consume. All in a harmonious blend of ego, tech, and hustle. AH the demo.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #8 Medi-O-Core

Finding time to enjoy the simpler times which fuel the fire to desire the time spent interacting with the masses while passing the pleasure on in the form of a board.

Filmed and Edited by Craig Williams.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working For The City Teaser.

Working For The City. (teaser) from Jon Stark on Vimeo.

SIA is in the bag. Corduroy Lifestyles Issue #1 is on the streets. Big things happening. Been Sick about 20 times this winter. Ridden both coasts, CO, and a bunch of Midwest this winter. Japan is next. Many of opportunities arising for close friends and I couldn't be more stoked to see what they create. Random thoughts of the last week or so. Been off the intersweat so bloggin is slow. More to come.

Watch the teaser. Stoked for this flick. Hope you're rippin.


Friday, January 21, 2011


So much happenin in the MLPS its hard being....

-Jake Breed drop Brolls and art. Hyped on his constant edits, peep this one.

-Mag is at the Printer ready to roll out at SIA next week. I've been straight mobbing trade shows and products, so many products (insert puke here). Shout out at Colossal Human for holding down the heavy weight and making dreams real.

-This guy's been doing work and bloggin the whole way unlike me. Look for his work in print in the pages of issue #1 of Corduroy.

-Sunday in the park everyday in the Midwest zone so when MN/WI/MI kids go to bear they tear shit up. Props to Cole, Jordan, Kyle, and Becker. Peep Game..

-Joe didn't make the cut, but took the time to talk X. Also backed it up on his media blitzkrieg, even getting Yo.

-Syndicate Kevin Killed it with Sooner Or Later, which you may never see. But he's been busy being bad with Cam, Cody, Dan, Tony, John, and his dvd printer.

-Familia and Maloof High Ollie next weekend.

-Ethan Deiss in the the new VG flick in good company. New Sponsors make things happen.

-Tha Plat always keeping it real. So check blog.

-VG Crewzin ' from MN. We know it's been madness in hurr this winter, get ready for mass amounts of minny shot this coming video season.

-Minus 30 yep. Makes 10 feel fine. Get to shredding.

-Check the new ownership at Cannonsburg's plan. Bring in Midwest OG Marc Moline and kill game.

-Jon Starks Michigan man turn to CO resident to Ashbury Intern to MN homie to Video Maker is full on, check out his work Titled "Working for the City", many of great moving images and a few not so. Enjoy.

-One of my favorite video guys (i have a few) is all in on a fresh project. No Rules. Just Time Travels.

Ok work beckons with a tractor beam I have no resistance to. Japan tickets booked. Fuck money doesn't go to the grave with you, make memories.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

S.B.N. #2 by Nathaniel Harrington Get hyped.

Our Homie and Contributing Photographer Nathaniel Harrington is dropping his own online mag. He's been stacking photo's all season.

Ole' to making it happen.