Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rome SDS Team Shoot Out (Takes)

Classic shout out to the Days of Whitey Movies. Mikey is pure comedy in this shit. Overall well worth the views. I hear rumors of a super funny third Outtake be on the look out.


Thought so!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Freakin Friday.

Windells 3, 2010: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

-So been a minute, ok a week, Here's Rome SDS session at Windells edit. Looks like the Neff Wall got some play. Snow Bro's I have a questions. Whats with bad style being cool? I don't get it?! (Warning Rant Ahead) Seems like it's all about the trick and not making it have any style right now. Lets get it together brew and start putting down some stylee moves and pack up this silly trick list you got off of Skate 3 or whatever your favorite fantasy skate/snowboard game is.

-Rome SDS won the Team Shoot Out last year, looks like they're in the mix again with a great submission in this years event. Peep the Cameo.

-So I want to post this but with a video already up I'm going to link to it. Peep this Teaser. Gnar Boots. Can-Land is killing it.

-Corduroy Lifers Wolfe and Windh set out a blog trail this week. Check the Minnesota Scandinavian connection. Oh and we're going to Japan!

-So Bball wise it's been a heavy MN Twolves week. Out with Big Al and in with B-easy and some condition 1st rounders. Also Vet point man Luke Rindour. National media is blasting Kahn the Wolves GM. I seem to lean the other way. Lot's of these takes are based on not like the resigning of Darko and they drafting of point guards back to back last year. Also if you listen to this guy talk he talks like he's above everyone (dood was a lawyer of course he does). I'm liking what happening here right now (though I would maybe held on to Big Al to start the season). We Shall see.

-Well plan on a Big Sunday from the Familia Crew. First warm it up in the afternoon at Smokedale with the DVS Demo, than mossy Uptown for Free Event Number 2 of the day. Ghost Ride that Whip son! Fliers Below.

Have a Rippin time!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Windells Sess Douce.

Windells 2, 2010: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Man, I was fine with not going to Hood another year. But, the more I watch the fun the more i want to go. Rome Session at Windells is still coming in video format. You can peep a story right here. Also they say you can't teach a old dog new tricks but what about a old dog teaching a young buck?!

-Check House of 1817 interview over at YO BEat. Of course don't forget about their release this fall.

-Videograss just launched that Teaser, but thats just where the fun begins. Check Videograss dot com for updates, edits, and random posts.

-The player who remain nameless on this blog has his own show on that four letter cable sport channel that helped blow out skateboarding and snowboarding. This whole premise is shear humor to me. I mean Doods good (ok really really good), but really you need a show to announce your decision?! Are you mad at high schoolers who choose a College and get to have a 15 mins of fame off of they're choices. Homie you have Mills and your about to have 100 plus more just sign on the dotted line and go away until the season.

-Some knowledge on a Footwear brand you can stand behind. Making attempts while others are cutting corners for dollars.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July.

Stoked for BBQ's, Burgers, Beer, Friends and Family. Get out and celebrate! Watching Joey Chestnut kill fools in the Nathan Hot dog eating contest. Classic. Also really strange watch people shovel hot dog in their grills looking like chipmunks at a camp site.

-Familia Total Eclipse of the Heartland Event coming soon. Also peep this interview over at Frank 151.

-Summer Shredding is going down. While I'm all about summer Midwest style right now. Rome SDS checks in from Windell's first 2 sessions.

-Ipath fall shoes are hitting door this month. Peep the line right here. Super hyped!

-Ashbury Homie and Owner Lance Hakker guestbook over at Snowboarder mag. Plus this tee is straight fire.

-Post draft and subsequent fall out, free agent hoopla, signings of euro post players, trade rumors, and well fandom for a failing club. Man Wolves make being a fan of their club a cruel culture. Screw it, I'm still all in on being a unapologetic flag waver of my hometown NBA squad. Plus with Wes-J, Webster, at least we added some wing game. Well see what shakes out over the next week, when the player who remains nameless on this blog signs with whoever stoked him the hardest.

-Holden had the team out to Portland a few weeks back. Catalog, web, and online images were shot. Marie Hucal was in the mix. Sounded like a great time. Peep some of the shot on the Facebook. Like those Holden homies. Shits timeless!

Have a happy and safe 4th. Be kind.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Pando Session Reprise

Progression Session at Pando from Tommy Young on Vimeo.

Regional Rome SDS shred Tommy Young and Homies ripping one winter eve. It's fun to ride you local spot with friends, randoms, old and new homies. Tell me you're not missing these session right now. I mean, I know, 4th weekend coming up, weathers great, boozes, burgers, and bros, but really for this kinda of session i'd give it all up to slide sideways on some snow.

Shredders in the flick-Erick Milewski, Ben Ohman, Kyle Caswell, Luke Sprunger, Marc Moline, Ben Ott, Max Hofert, Drew Nelson, Jake Richardson, Tommy Young, and OD Dixon.

Happy 4th brew!