Friday, January 21, 2011


So much happenin in the MLPS its hard being....

-Jake Breed drop Brolls and art. Hyped on his constant edits, peep this one.

-Mag is at the Printer ready to roll out at SIA next week. I've been straight mobbing trade shows and products, so many products (insert puke here). Shout out at Colossal Human for holding down the heavy weight and making dreams real.

-This guy's been doing work and bloggin the whole way unlike me. Look for his work in print in the pages of issue #1 of Corduroy.

-Sunday in the park everyday in the Midwest zone so when MN/WI/MI kids go to bear they tear shit up. Props to Cole, Jordan, Kyle, and Becker. Peep Game..

-Joe didn't make the cut, but took the time to talk X. Also backed it up on his media blitzkrieg, even getting Yo.

-Syndicate Kevin Killed it with Sooner Or Later, which you may never see. But he's been busy being bad with Cam, Cody, Dan, Tony, John, and his dvd printer.

-Familia and Maloof High Ollie next weekend.

-Ethan Deiss in the the new VG flick in good company. New Sponsors make things happen.

-Tha Plat always keeping it real. So check blog.

-VG Crewzin ' from MN. We know it's been madness in hurr this winter, get ready for mass amounts of minny shot this coming video season.

-Minus 30 yep. Makes 10 feel fine. Get to shredding.

-Check the new ownership at Cannonsburg's plan. Bring in Midwest OG Marc Moline and kill game.

-Jon Starks Michigan man turn to CO resident to Ashbury Intern to MN homie to Video Maker is full on, check out his work Titled "Working for the City", many of great moving images and a few not so. Enjoy.

-One of my favorite video guys (i have a few) is all in on a fresh project. No Rules. Just Time Travels.

Ok work beckons with a tractor beam I have no resistance to. Japan tickets booked. Fuck money doesn't go to the grave with you, make memories.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

S.B.N. #2 by Nathaniel Harrington Get hyped.

Our Homie and Contributing Photographer Nathaniel Harrington is dropping his own online mag. He's been stacking photo's all season.

Ole' to making it happen.