Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Dood is Smart and Dumb all at once.

I was on Yobeat clickin around and Ahart of agoodreed has a story about this EX%N story. First EX%N?!, unless you're collecting a check why would you go to this site, when there are so many more legit sites to visit. While it's funny that a Skier would claim cool (not really they always thought they were and still do) these are the same fuckers that wanted nothing to do with snowboarding decades ago. That was until they realized that they could profit from it. So all the hate and prejudice I experienced as a young rider swiftly became encouragement for profit. As snowboarding became increasingly more popular skiers became older and older. As few as couple years ago Skiers mean age was close to the 60's. That states a lot too me, a generation gap that reminds me of computers and tech. While the snowboard brands start to get bought by larger ski brands and board short brands which lead to pumping up the pop culture level plus Extreme-lames and Olympic Hype. Now you ride for your Country? Weak sauce! This all leads into the cool or cooler write up that EXskiboyN trys to hate and claim that skiers are cool or cooler. While he does make some strong points as to the lameness of some riders it's nothing that other snowboarders wouldn't call snowboarders out on too.

First he had to write the story because no one else but poser youth who want to be "different" knew. (there are still significantly more skiers than snowboards (fact) just go out on speed racer night and count) Skiing has three hour plus boot fits!? Why do you want to put your foot into anything that takes that long to fit, no fun! But I leave it to you, I find that snowboarding offers me much more on the Hills of the Midwest. I lend the idea of freedom to riding likening it to skating down the street. Every things a option no rules or guides, But I'll let you all hash it out in the park whether skiing or snowboarding is cooler?! See you on the lips, pussies!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Movie Yet To Be Named

Cameron Strand photo.Dj Ward

Dan Morrison photo.Dj Ward

Moves are being made... Rails lay in wait for the ritual of winter misuse.... We ride the day and work the nights. Flicker of lights as the sideways slide goes bye.

Dropping next fall is the movie with no name.

Tommy Young photo.Dj Ward

Friday Night Downtown MLPS

Looks like the Brap-brap portion of snowboarding is lead sponsor on this with Cal Surf and the Alt in support as well.

Whatcha going to do?

The Youth Shelter Supply and St Cloud get Jibby

Peep that on Sunday come hang with BJ. Rumors of him at The Foundation Snowboard Camp Dec 29th and 30th?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Luke Kicks It Like Whoa!

-Luke Looking on-

We live in sweat-stained boots for weeks on end.
We dart through little bands of bare trees
when it becomes too cold to wiggle our fingers.

We hit our heads, we slam our shoulders.
There’s a sharp pain between our ribs.

It’s been gray for weeks,
we might have seen the sun last month,
but we’re out there every day.

We scout, we shovel, we scrape.
We build, we break, we trespass.

Our boards, our bindings crack.
Our jackets snag and tear.
Our cameras freeze to death.
We get rained on.
We get no sleep, we have no control.
Our steam rises to the skies.

A lot of people wonder what the hell we are doing.
A lot of people think we are wrong
and some of them yell at us.
They scream as loud as they can that we are wrong.

But the trees and the hills and the clouds
and the snowflakes aren’t theirs to see
the way that they are ours.

They don’t paint the walls with P-tex.
They don’t scribble their stories sliding above stairsets.
They don’t grind out their defeats in the pavement.
They don’t confront winter.
They don’t float on fresh snow.
They don’t melt into the mountains.

We make all of this.
It can never be wrong.

Words by Luke Sprunger

Coped this LAME video of Mt Holly RIGGEDJIB

Premature Jib edit from pat greenan on Vimeo.

Thanks to Lame Studios for a visual day!

On the Road..Lift Lines and Times!

Been on the road, not alot of stuff on here, but a lot of stuff happening. Sure I'm slacking on this blog. Well we're trying to get this paper copy Magazine off the ground and into your hands. The struggle continues, but thanks to all the people that have helped to this point! It's winter for really and 25 days in to this season I must say Snowboarding cures hangovers, mild on colds, and heartache! Doctors, shit who needs em?! Strap in and feel well, Filming is under way for a bunch of Midwest videos right now! Tons of snow around our parts has put crew upon crew to the test on the Midwest stairways and hand rails. Looks like another heavy Midwest shots in the majors! Can they hang with the locals? That always the fun part, "super shred" rides rails get shot that local did three years ago better?! Funny stuff in this snowboard game, cuz you get payed your shots stronger than the "no namer". Oh well who really cares! Just rip it!

Prejibs are in the bag and they were super fun, some kid called bullshit on the Mt. Holly one claiming it was rigged?! I think he was to high to notice the slew of kids riding triple as hard as him! Fuck that really pissed me off, but just another snowboard 09 thought, we all should make the final cuz everyone rips the with no styles and does two tricks! Seriously kids you need to switch it up some and learn some new shit, make that the motto for the year, keep learning, and get some style!! Any style don't just bit Nick Driks, Jed, Jonas, and Joe. I mean there have some to go around, but get your own! Maybe join the foundation snowboard camp and we can help you out a little and send you on your way with some free shit too!

Sales meeting hype is also done, that's always sick, rip with the homies I only see about ones or twice a year! John Graham is a serious ripper I really enjoy riding with him! Mantana represent via the hoe aka Tahoe. Also it's sick when you roll into a meeting after lunch where you were just ripping a tram run at Jay! Everyone looking at you like you should be in this meeting and than they realize you just got runs while they talked shop and they're all pumped/bummed at the same time! Funny stuff in my opinion, meetings haha!

So the Twolves really suck and that bums me out, but the Tubby and Gophers are killing it! What happened to kids Skateboarding? Shops aren't sell sakteboards to save there lives. Hey if you skate and your decks beat, man up and get a freshie best thing ever swear! The shit will pop again and all those tricks you have will feel much better. Hey yeah I get it, it's winter and Masonite buggers suck so fuck the noise and skate a parking ramp or a basement. Make it happen!

And I'll leave this rant with the best damn scorpion photo I seen in a long time, ripped from the Rome SDS site! AWESOME!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mad River Pre Jib this SAT!

Just a Reminder. In Vermont Ripping Jay Peak with the Rome SDS Family. How that snow has everyone ripping on the regs.

Ole' a pow day

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mt Holly Pre jib


Long tube finals?


Cobra Con


Stu don't go changing!

Cron Backhips

Cron ollie bonks

Cron nipple tricks

Tents and Tudes

Brown Jacket guys ripped all day thats all he does

Switchy pressy

Tommy Guns

Early Crowd

Lets get it started HAWT.

Great game guys, Ass slaps for everyone, Thanks to the Rental Crew, S2, Josh, Signer uper Lady, Hey DJ, all the shreds, Rich, Wolfe, AM ARMY, Ohio crew, See you in Ohio on Saturday the 13th at Mad River Mtn!