Thursday, March 31, 2011


Stoked to have these two rippers helping hold it down in the Middle. This edit was comprised of a Session a week ago on some loose fresh and a rope. Garrett's on this way to Nationals to do his thang, Good Luck Homies. Shane just celebrate his birthday on a long weekend mission, plenty of time to recover. Afton's open Tomorrow Lets Get THIS.


B Larson Putting In Time

Larson popped a solid part in Poachers 10. I know he put in time in the streets and slopes over the corse of this season. Stoked to see what's coming.

Hells yeah!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terry Peak With Bald E Gal Plus Some Other Links.

Mike and Martens throwing down for a Mikey P in SD. Terry Peak looks sick might need a road trip west?

-Jake Breed with a St Patty's day twist on a session.

-Rome SDS Crew X Damage Crew = Heavy Shredding and Heavy Partying.

-Make Productions consistent unlike us. Peep the updates.

-Ashbury's own Lance Hakker and Midwestern done good on his own terms RP all up in this Sunday In The P.  Worth a Watch.

-How many "video crews" are going to have a more then few MN footy clips? Too Many! Time to explore. Just thinking out loud, I tend to do that, Deallll wid it.

-Japan is special. Neff is contributing a 100% of the sales of this shirt to relief in Japan.

-Season is slowing down with all the rain and warmth. Looks like Buck, Wild, are open this weekend. Spirit is kicking. Some spots in the U.P. running hours. In Michigan Nubs Nob is having a great event this weekend. On the 14th Boyne Highlands is Planning Spring Board. Get to it while you can. In July you'll wish you would've.

See you on the lips.


Friday, March 18, 2011


With snow not showing it's face due to us ripping it so hard. We started setting out deeper to get the goods. Found it and some great features to shred and film. Cam was fired up. 

Our accommodations have been great. Can you spot the Wolfe?

Went out to eat at a great spot called Rin. Tasty and fun. 

Squid fries for those American eyes. 

Rin. Shoes off.

Sun smiled on us. Off the top for some open bowl turns. 

Kop burning that turn. 

Hey Cam go stand on the Cornice. 

Pop goes the Cron. 

Our man with plans Simon Ramsay pop his bowl. 

Ramsay Park built by Wolfe. Ollie by Wolfe.

Sushi boots.

Medi O Core Family Dinner plus Cam. 

Rolled out even further for the goods. Tiene Sapporo. Cavan missed this spot, serious party foul.

We hiked the moon. 

Ripped while these people worked. 

So deep, So deep, but that leg to sleep.

Ramsay blast.

What a awesome day. Believe. 

Niseko nights. 

So many good times are being enjoyed quietly over here. We've been far enough north that while cancelations in this area leaves it light with people, we haven't been directly effect in any other way. 
Returning to spring shred in the Midwest is sounding awesome. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Has Been A Interesting Few Days.

View From a window in our Spot. Holiday Niseko fellas hooked it up! Travel time was long and we made all the connections and bus. That was a nice start to the trip. Kop and I have been here so we had a idea as to what we were in for, but Terry and Cam well that was another story. 

With a first night hang and bed behind us we headed out for a Friday morning for some famous North Island pow. Needless to say it was found. 

Rode with Perrin from Niseko Holiday for a while on day one. He showed us some lines and was ripping. Introduced the boys to the sweet Japan pow, styles, and people.  

Super fun? Yes! 

Mad Cam beyond the Gondola. 

Terry Hyped to rip so much bottomless pow. 

So much energy. Happy humans doing happy things.

We came home for lunch and everyone in our sweet third floor spot. With so much travel coupled with lag and a drink or two the floor seemed to be moving. We looked around at each other and wondered if the other could feel it too. The earth was moving, it was a earthquake, about 3 or 4 in our area. 
We watch TV as the tsunami came in. Crazed, we ran some errands and took in a night session. When we returned we saw the massive destruction all over the media. Our hearts go out to all those who lost life, family, friends, and belongings. 

The second day we decided to ride away from it and rip some more pow in a new zone. 

Cam practicing with some tail. 

Great crew day two. More to come. Long story short, this is what it's all about. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ultraman Revisited

-Loved this show as a kid. Makes me think of my next destination. Last time we were in Hokkaido we build a jump on Nakayama pass which we apply called the Ultraman. Well here's to Ultraman 2! If you want to go to Japan hit up Ashley and his crew Holiday Niseko. Killing it. 

-Rome SDS crew is haunting the middle presently. Look for Larry's good looks, Listen for Lazz's vocal lashing, spy Viktor swooning the ladies, and be still you might see a Mark Wilson. 

-Events Events Events. Just saying if you be your facebook, hello it's blowing up. Late season is always loaded with fun times. Make it count. 

-Have you noticed the mass amount of MN b roll out in the mix?! Big Things. 

Thank you to all the shops and homies for all the support this season. Although it's not over, I thought that need to get shouted out.