Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Paul Overby, a Big Sky local snowboarder and snowboard instructor was nearly beaten to death in Bozeman on September 17th for trying to stop two idiots from stealing his friend’s moped. Paul’s medical bills are estimated to be in the $2,000,000 range and his friends and family are reaching out for assistance with these expenses. A fundraiser for Paul, the First Annual “Pillage in the Village”, will be held on November 14th. The “Pillage” will be a full on family friendly festival including product raffles, film festival, live music and even a rail jam (conditions permitting).

For more details, visit here and Paul’s website for updates on how his recovery is going as well as ways you can help.

Please contact Liz Wells for more information about the event or to find out how you can help.

If you’re anywhere near Bozeman get up there and have a great time while helping out a fellow snowboarder. If you’re not, do what you can do to help out.

Ok so I grabbed this off the Rome SDS site. This rippers been around the Midwest for years. He was a Fobia kid and always came into Maplewood shop when I was running it. I often saw him out at Afton Alps when I went there to ride. It truly hurts me that this happened to a good person. It's sad to think about where humanity is at this point in its undefined existence. I hope anyone with the means drops a note or sends some loot to help Paul out. If anything send some energy and positivity out his way.

Lets learn to be better!


Yo Beat Down.

Well Mikey pulls no punches. He stands up for what he works hard for and Yo Beat is pro-filing him.

It's worth a read, no doubt.

Breaking News Event Date Change!

OK Shredders....Sorry but due to the Ice Rink not being open yet (our bad) this Jam is being moved back two weekends.




First Day. Yep.

Wild Mountain Hase and Stacks of Shreds read to Switch-up to Switch-up to hole-dirt-landing. Too much Fun, Too much Heart, Too much Soul.

Pinewskis kids were Hangin Hard and ripping. I call Jed Anderson's Kit will be the most repped this year. No really you have to love snowboardings ever changin stylee.

Wolfe taking in the first day of season 22 oh that make us both on 22 seasons of shred. Fuck can't say if ever had a better day. I love snowboarding!

Is it a ghost at my resort, no it's Wolfe's misty (ok more than misty) backside nose butter 3 out.

Little sw bonk late bs1 revert thinger at ground level.

Well it was good to see the heads i saw and to the others i'll see you soon. The season begins!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Syndicate and All Smiles

These guys are on the come up with a nice line of clothing and a great attitude one can get behind this project and feel legit.

TheMUSTACHIO crew did a interview/profile on this Ohio crew/brand.

Peep it. Read it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fair and Balanced....


Sick of stupid Politics from idiot reporters and other parties who are financially invested in this whole sham.

Peep this for some other shit.

I mean if you have to deal with only two parties really whose are you going to go to?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Correct Way Premiers On Kids On Shred

Yan and LNP Up North last winter get the full story right at While your at it, bookmark that for me thanks!

I also wrote a story on the Rome SDS site. Peep it and thank you to all the heads for coming out to the premiers.

Bails and Rails

Yeah I said it was a happening don't think Corduroy doesn't know where the HAWSHIT is.....Unh SON...


Hit up W3 on this or Pando.

Number 1 Stunner

So the onslaught of preseason jams is here in full force, so grab that fresh kit and make yourself visible.

Outpost's set up was fun last year and I'm sure this year will be better. So load up the homies in the SUV, VW, or what ever your driving and head down to Outpost's Jibapalooza Event.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prejib Time Kids....

This is the time of year I'm talking about. Wax that stick and get ready to slide in.....



Echo Marc and Steven

Marc Moline, Steve Cummings & The Asylum - Echodemic Vol. 1 from Echo Mountain on Vimeo.

Our friends have moved out to CO but there hearts lie in the Middle. Peep the foote and go take a visit to Echo when you find sometime. Be sure to Holla at your boys!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Jacked Snowboarder Video

More snowboarding videos on

Kinda funny that this office is kinda small but way bigger than in the beginning. If you notice where the stairs are and everything to the dog Jackson was the whole office when I started working with Rome SDS. So the Offices were in the upstairs space that now is a photo area and the conference room was Paul's office which was the whole Product Manager zone. The office you really don't get to see was Josh's Office in the far corner. The whole of the room was Art Dept, Sales Dept, and anyone else who was helping. It cool to think that Rome's kept the same space in a old Train Depot next to the tracks in Waterbury VT for it's whole existence. Yeah it's growing over the years, but it's rooted in it's past at the same time. I really think that says something about the people behind the Rome SDS. I find it funny that on so guys was saying if you were a good snowboard brand and "core" you'd be in the mountains or something. He's was from Lake Forrest CA?! Not really a place for ripping riding, but a major boot company is based there. They must not be a "core" boot brand?! I don't know it's just funny how people who don't know anything continue to make stupid statements via the Internet. People I i can't say one thing on the Internet via this blog is be skeptical of what you read and who it's coming from. Lots of crap to go with a positives of Interweb world.

OK I have to update two premiers it's been tuff because I'm out on the road trying to make it happen. Those will be coming soon. Thanks for Reading this Blog. The Magazine has been held up some I'm sorry it's ready to roll but the cost of printing was higher than estimated forcing us to rework our initial plan for printing. Once I'm able to post up I'll work to get this thing finished with the swiftness.

Ole' to the ones that care!

Monday, October 13, 2008


From the Rome SDS

"Should we support the idea that a brand’s roots, involvement in, and connection to snowboarding don’t matter?

Should we say, “hey, athletics-r-us brand, you haven’t given a shit about snowboarding for 30 years and your spandex-clad board of directors still don’t give a shit about snowboarding now, but that’s cool, come on in and make some money off us”?

Should we really accept them as a snowboard or skate company just because they can spend a ton of cash on some of the best, most iconic riders? Does the ability to cut a big check magically turn a pair of figure skates into a pair of snowboard boots?

Should snowboarders lie down and accept it when the mainstream tries to reduce snowboarding to just some other generic form of “athleticism”?

If you think the same logo that’s on that nut-hugger swim suit, golf ball, tennis skirt, jump rope, baseball bat and rollerblade might as well be on your next pair of snowboard boots, what will snowboarding look like in five or ten years? Will it be influenced in a way that’s true to our history?

Does any of this matter?

Does snowboarding even matter?

That’s up to you.

The Libertine Drunk, a collab between the Rome SDS and Consolidated Skateboards, is a limited edition get-together of two brands who think sporting goods companies aren’t snowboard or skate companies."

Thought I'd share the new Boots....Holla at the Local Dealer for these bad boys...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ashbury is Loose

Ashbury Introduces Louis-Felix Paradis from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo.

Lance, Big Mountian Mike, and Nima contuine to add wood to the fire with classy styles and fine humans. Goto your local spot and snag a pair of Kaliedoscope Googles.

If not go here or here...

And thanks for the support!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Marie

Well Marie's a great friend and she's been holding it down for a few years now. Holding it down is starting to payoff for young Marie as she's been elavated to Factory Am for Rome SDS, Holden, and Ashbury. I was pumped on her little interview and her shot in the new Snowboarder Ms. Superpark Issue on News stands now.

We at Corduroy Lifestyles want to take a moment to say Ole' to a real snowboarder.

Second Poached Tour of the Holden Office

More snowboarding videos on

Never be Scared of the Big Black Wolf.

Jonasty Video Interview on Snowboarder

More snowboarding videos on

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Vote!?

Cuz well I guess you could want someone running the country whos idea of national defense is seeing Russia from her front porch.