Monday, September 28, 2009

Taste Of The Tiller

Tiller | Opener from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..........See you at the Premier Thursday....Buy this Movie, support Midwest snowboarding!


Purveyors of fine garments meant to endure the elements, while not effecting them, have launched there brand new site. Find it, wear it, man I know you'll enjoy it.

Drop in here.

Thinking Beauville

Bright Lights

Captain my Captain


Mr. Nathaniel Harrington

Austin Young

Ethan Deiss SHhhhhh


Forgiving our sins

The B O B

Jordan is tuff, no really peep his section in Beauville

Jordan Walczak

Jonas "coverboy" Michilot

Michigan Via Utah Eric Fernandez


Dan Dan

Mike Thienes Bald E Gal mastermind

Mike Pettit reppin The Youth Shelter Supply

Mini Mertz

Giant Mertz

Fryman and Sodak

Mr. Perry

Cody B

Brian "Jailtime" Wilson

Mark Wilson

Northern Z

Great Movies that all you should go out and buy. Variety is the spice of life kids....Mix it up..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dan Huseby Photography Featured At The Nomad Saturday

Peep Show! Yeah Huseby!

Casualties Premier Bring Your Hype Tues Oct 6th

Oh Man, NMU Jamrich Hall I'm coming so is Joe Sexton and Darrell Mathes. Showing Videograss (VG) and This Video Sucks. Plus the C-Unit's giving away a 42" Flat Screen, PS3, with the bumps to blast all the noise. Man if your in a dorm room that what I call UPGRADE! Always the best premier and afterparty in the Northern Midwest!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Next Up Bald-E-Gal Oct 1st

I got a small taste of TIller and man game on. Well worth the drive to Stearns County to peep on the big screen and celebrate with The Youth Shelter Crew. Also showing is Videograss and Role Model's "Think Positive".


Video Premier Season! First Up Role Model!

Here's the spot the time and the movies.....peep Austin Young's B-Roll...

monday minute #7 from riley erickson on Vimeo.


BEAUVILLE TEASER from team thunder on Vimeo.

Team Thunders teaser with plenty of homies, Jordan Michilot, Eric Fernandez, Ben Gustafson, and Joe Mertz all have stuff.....


Thursday, September 17, 2009

NC Productions Northwest's Local Crew

Almost Dead from Leland McNamara on Vimeo.

This Video is pretty good, lots of AMS doing their thing. I like watching kids coming up, more than the comer uppers that some pro's become. HUH, YEAH!

Ole' to you and your crew NC!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check Out Casualties Shop Profile

Hit the link get the stink. Thanks for all the support and love threw the years crew! CCCC-Unit!

Looks like Positivity Wins

Well the on going debate will manifest it's self over time. Really?! to each his own. What ever Camber style you like, ride it daily and kill that shit.

Oldie Butt Goodie

Here's to the Crazy Ones

Yeah Ryan, my man got third in the local Gnar contest this year. I'll try to scary up his entry to post.

South America Midwest Style By Luke Sprunger

Studying Argentina in July

The plane lands in Bariloche, in Argentina’s Patagonia. It’s dark and rainy by the time you get to the house. Most of the streets are dirt and there’s a mean dog behind every fence. You walk the long hill down to the school, and after classes you and three other students flag down a taxi to the mountain. The driver throws the boards on top of the taxi and wraps a bungee cord around them. At Catedral they make you buy a dumb-ass long leash for your board. You ride the first chairlift up above a green bamboo forest, nearly free of snow as it’s July-early season-and one of the worst Julys in years. Everyone is blaming global warming. The open runs and lifts start around the treeline at 6,000 feet, so you thread your way through the crowd to the next chair up (there are no lift lines in South America, only people endlessly jockeying for position).

Click, click at the top and you’re hopping over rocks and getting your base scratched while you stray from the trails to find fresh snow. 3,000 feet below and to your left, 20 mile long lake Nahuel Huapi reflects the afternoon rays. In front of you, to the right of a distant metallic cluster that is Bariloche, are jagged peaks, top halves dipped in powder. You go as much as you can afford to (lift tickets $45). You hunt for every tree run, rock drop, and powder stash.

You take a weekend trip to Chapelco, that place with the trees covered in moss. On the way, the police stop the bus and check everyone’s passports. The snow isn’t great at Chapelco either, but you make the most of the minishred in the magical woods where groups of green parrots flock from one tree to the next.

Catedral is more ice than not on your last day of riding, so you head to the park. You get yelled at by a coach from SASS, because, in this country without rules and on-hill etiquette, you dropped from where the last camper did instead of where everyone else is clustered three feet above the box. You hike the box all afternoon and love it because you’re from the Midwest. You shove into the crowded bus back to town with sore knees and a smile.

Plane to Buenos Aires. There are two homeless dudes sleeping right outside the hotel; across the sidewalk from the Lacoste store, a lady sits with a sign and a change bucket. The payphones are covered with sex fliers, and people at intersections try to talk you into paying for tango lessons. You hop into a creaky subway car, where a kid rattles off a well-rehearsed juggling routine for change from passengers. You skate from cemetery to art museum to art museum, and eat dinner at a sushi place run by the well-established Japanese community.

A 10-year old asks to ride your skateboard, then is bold enough to hit you up for money. You get denied entry to the Casa Rosada (the Pink House, their version of the White House), so you instead traverse crowded streets and gaze at narrow storefronts. You buy some roasted almonds from a sidewalk vendor for $.53 and avoid the dog shit that is all over the sidewalks.

After being away for a month, everything back in the states looks clean, unsketchy, and dull. You realize that you miss speaking Spanish every day. You tell yourself that you’ll find a way to go back. In August, when it’s supposed to really snow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Weekend In Ohio

Art, Music, and Motion. Make room in your weekend schedule to get up to Legation Gallery for a good time. Our homie Mark Wiitanen is up in the mix and Premier Autumn Lines new flick Montevideo, I hear it will dazzle your eyes and tickle your mind?!

RIP Swayze

Ass Kicking Fun



Swayze had some awesome roles in movie, Point Break, Road House, I know you watched Dirty Dancing with your sister and her freinds. My favorite role in Red Dawn, awesome movie that shaped my childhood as I trained like the USSR was going to invade my small town (haha). I mean Gernade named a glove after him used this song in Full Metal Edges and had his name on the team list for years.

It's a hard thing to talk about but many of us lose freinds and family to this relentlessly evil affliction, and while some fight it. Other surcome to it's heavy burdon. I've lost two grandmothers to Cancer and it was a courageous battle. I saw the pain in my families eyes, we can help, people are making a diffrence so can you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Video Bombs Like There Origami

Rome Gnar Contest from syndicate on Vimeo.

Kevin and Crew, mucho propo.....Big weekend best manning it. Go Gophers, Vikings (sorry Ohio).

Ole' my Brother Erik's Wedding!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gnar Video Live

Video is up on the Rome SDS site as a ShredTV Sunday on Transworld. Stoked to have the winner be from the Midwest three years running. I think four is around the corner. So calling all Midwest crew to drop a entry in this season. Remember it's not a banger fest movie, just good stuff of you and your crew riding. Good Luck.

Ole' the Local Gnar.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hit Cavan Up!

Here's a way to winner some Boots! One less thing to buy for the season. Hit up Cavan he super-stoked to Tweet at you.

"Ever wonder what actually goes into making a snowboard video? Well, wonder no more, or at least no more after this Friday September 4th, when Rome’s John Cavan, (Rome Team Manager, Filmer, Editor, Red Bull hoarder, video guy and at least a half a dozen other things on his business card) will be sitting down for the first “Inside the Design House Twitter Interview”.

Cavan got his start in shred flicks making the “Iron Curtin” East coast video series. From there he headed west to work with the Grenade crew, and has ended up here at Rome where he’s been traveling the globe with the Rome team filming and editing films like Any Means, No Correct Way, and A Hard Days Night.

So get your questions ready. How does he choose the music for the videos? How is it traveling with MFR, LNP and Bjorn all season? Have you ever blown the shot? Why do you love snowmobiling so much? How often do you deal with the cops while filming hand rails?

And as always, the Rome SDS will be hooking one lucky random tweeter who tweets in a question with something awesome. A spankin’ new pair of Rome Libertine snowboard boots.

Because nothing keeps your feet warmer while filming a handrail in Qu├ębec, at night, in -15 degree weather, while ducking the cops.

Here’s how it all works:

1. Log on to Twitter at the designated time
2. Submit your question in the “What Are You Doing?” box
3. End your question with a #Rometeam
4. Cavan will fire back his answers to your questions

Come up with some good questions and fire them Cavan’s way for a chance to score a new pair of Libertines, right before the snow starts flying. Bring some snacks, and make sure you go to the bathroom before it starts, no bathroom breaks.

3-5 Eastern

2-4 Central
1-3 Mountain
12-2 Pacific

Stay tuned to here at as well as for more updates on the happenings of the SDS as well as the announcement of when and with whom the next “In the Design House” or “Ask the Rider” interview will be going down."

Good luck!

How It Was Done

Zimtstern Making of "Leaves" from Pleasure Snowboard Magazin on Vimeo.

Follow up to Yesterdays post, on how the leaves were rode.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creative Control

Zimtstern "Leaves" from Zimtstern Snowboarding on Vimeo.

This idea is awesome. Fall feelings here, while we lay in waiting for cold and snow. Link from Craig and his super computer netwrok/intouchrobo6001.

Thanks Craig.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yo Beat Repost, Jammin Joe Mertz

Switch Back Lip. Photo Ryan Taylor

So been skating with Joe the last three days. He's been ripping, 50-50 for sure, me too. So Yo Beat just dropped at interview, super pumped for him. Joe was a Fobia Burnsville OG, held it down in the shop and rode Buckhill on the regs. Funny one season him and Fryman dipped to Cali to ride and work at Bear. Shit, worked out, next thing you know Joes in all the Bear edits and movies. Sponsors and a bag of chips, summer diggin at hood. Well proud of you Joe way to make it happen.

Ole' Joe Mertz

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Past - Tim Swart

Tim Swart is the Marketing guru at Ipath and owner of UNIV, he sent over this photo from 1984. I'm sure a bunch of you weren't born then. Yeah snowboarding really isn't as new as you think. Really the first reverse camber boards were built right around this time. Funny!

sick stuff
jersey 1984
brings back the memories
So was that the year you started?
How many days riding would you get in around than?
every day after school
maybe 30-40 i guess
not always snow there
same town as Paul from rome
Mostly at a hill of some sort?
golf course etc
Not resort yet huh?
funny. That jump someone had to push you too
i did resort before they banned it but the twin fin would just slide around
When did you take those off?
Never did? Interesting so did your second board have fins as well?
What was that and what year?
went edges next
maybe 86 got another one
Direct Instant Message session ended
Years later, i know your still sliding snow sideways, what keeps you strapping in?
i dont
10:11 AM
You dont?
went once in 3 yrs
oh thought you were just riding up at that spot we just were?
10:21 AM
well snowskate
havent strapped in there since before the kids
10:25 AM
so that change the game, when are they going to shred?
more sledding this year prob next winter mess around, he'll be 3 and a half then
10:31 AM
well i'm posting this on corduroy any shout out from back in the day till now?

New Rome SDS Site Live

Rome SDS new site live. Looking sharp and product is hype for sure. Get your Artifact 1985 soon or that shits going to be ghost.

Check it out