Friday, April 30, 2010

Funday Friday.

Reminiscing on this Day and Ollie. At this spot.

Stoked for this event. Hope it doesn't rain.

If your dreaming of snowboarding in Japan. I would HIGHLY suggest planning a trip for next winter. Corduroy lifer Brain Wolfe will be there in Feburay thru March. Get on it, best trip of your life, promise!

San Antonio got them Dallas Mavs and Wisdom beat out Youth again. Interesting to see if that holds true tonight in OKC?!

Timberwolves fans their is hope.

These Tee's became real this week. Thanks for the support!

I know this crew sent in a Rome SDS Local Gnar Entry. I hope a bunch of other Midwest Crews did.

Stoked to be pushing around the parks, but kinda jealous of all this East Coast business.

Enjoy the Weekend.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Makens Talks AK

Rome SDS caught up with Jurboi John. He drops in on road side fun and Reminds us to go to AK.

If you didn't know John started a Remind Insole Brand that helping your feet help you rip that much longer and more comfortable.

Checkem out here.

Funday Friday is coming. Spurs close out this guy. Thank you San Antonio!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Color Me Bad.

Corduroy Tee Now Available.

First come first serve. $20 on the tee. $5 on shipping.

*Color Way Blk Aqua/Bone
*Sizes M/L/XL

But if you're in the mix, I'll do my best to drop it off or make some arrangement.

Hit me up at


Friday, April 23, 2010

True Heads Vol. 4

It's BACK.....Summer is officially on it's way.

Funday Friday.

-Rome TM/Red Sox Fan John Cavan caught up with MFR and talk about her major bail in the backcountry recently. Little teaser on some Team Shoot Out talk. Also bookmark the trails and tribulations of the SDS crew as they film for the 2011 release The Shred Remains.

-Make Productions drops a Spirit Closing Day Edit. You got knocked the....

-Keep thinking about how hyped I am on working with this guy. Oh and this guy is up in the Mix to.

-Vikings trade to a team in the Division. Well see what we end up with tonight. Lot's of Fan started jumping on this guys bandwagon once he slid down the first round.

-My Midwestern homies took care of some West Coasters. I think with Thriller taking it to the the rack all series. I'm think this could go 7 games. Not 100%, Thunder squad is young, but maybe just young enough to not know any better. All this is to the dismay of this group of homies.

-Sky High in Milwaukee WI has daily updates. Check it out, this shop goes way back (1988) in the Milltown scene and is one of the truest in the Midwest.

-Forester Design has recently launched. He's our man behind the first issue layout and our up coming tee. Which I should have next week.

-Speaking of the New Corduroy Shirt. Casualties Skate Surf and Snow has just launched they're own spring line of gear. Be sure to check it out.

All right crew have a great Friday Funday.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bang Showing

BACK TO THE BONEYARD teaser 2 from The BANG SHOW from The Bang Show on Vimeo.

FRO-NASTY ender in the teaser. I bet craig didn't see this one. Don't remember hearing about it. OG Michigan head Kyle Fischer up in here to. I love a good teaser. Peep jur'boz at the show.

High Fives.

Midwest OG, doer of graphic excellence, skateboarder, friend Todd Braturd is launching a new Skateboard Line. Following Teenage Runaway Wheels this brand is surely going to be one of your favorites. Check out you local shop for some High Five.

If they don't have it tell them to get it. HIGH FIVE!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sooner Or Later

A few questions with Filmer/Editor Kevin Castanheria

whens the teaser drop?
may 1st
how long have you been filmin?
or this year?
for the movie?
lets seee....
9 months
whos in it?
midwest homies
lots of em
how might i get it and when?
working on distribution
drops mid oct

Cameron Crossing Boundaries.

Marie All Smiles.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ethan and Jake OE coming thru for the middle. TWS repost two days in a row, I know. But In Color looks interesting.

It's crazy nice outside. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ohio Closing Day Max Style

Ohio kids get down on the last day at BMBW. Midwest Regional Rome SDS riders Corinne Pasela and Cameron Strand make appearances.

Makes me want to ride more than I already do.

Sound like a bunch of crews are heading to Tyrol this weekend to hike it.

Are you going?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Partys Over

Super bummed about this.....Day late on getting this out. SORRY!

For Immediate Release

Damage Revisited: The Call

Those of you that are familiar with us know that we set our radical gauge abnormally high. When we set out to do something, we want it to be 100% - the absolute best it can be for our sponsors, customers and participants.

Which is why it pains us to inform you that Damage Revisited, the Midwest’s biggest and baddest after-season snowboard event, has been cancelled due to the warmest spring thaw Duluth has experienced since 1878. Long story short, all of the snow that usually makes up our pile has melted.

As most of you know Revisited was created to coincide with the shop’s yearly anniversary party – the perfect ending to an awesome day of shredding. In that regard, the show will go on. Saturday, May 15th marks our fifth year of bringing you the best products, events and good times that skateboarding and snowboarding have to offer.

The time and location for this year’s gathering have yet to be decided – all details will be made available soon via our website. Regardless of the date we hope you’ll join us for this special night of music and celebration.

Radically Yours,

Ben Olson and Jack Boyd, Owners

Damage Board Shop is an independently owned and operated skate and snowboard retailer in Duluth, MN. Established in 2005 they have served the local community by offering the best in specialized brands and organizing year round events meant to celebrate the positive spirit of the skate and snowboard cultures.

1904 W Superior St, Duluth – (218) 724-4027 –

DAMAGE, inc. 1904 W. Superior St. Duluth, MN. 55806 ph. 218-724-4027

With A Poof Its Over

So I'm a homer,
only went to one game this year,
watch a lot on the box,
read all the stories,
was excited for the change,

liked somethings,
didn't like what I saw on the floor often,
blowin leads,
poor defense,
average O,
a-last it ends.

Bring on the draft. Bring on the summer leagues. Bring on the personnel changes. Bring on the renewed optimism.

Go Wolves!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slept On?

Kirian Stone rrrremix from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Maybe not on a local level, but maybe?

Kirian was like 7 or something when saw him skating. Tabari just kinda appeared one summer it seemed like. MN scenes deep with true heads.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kinda Into This

Monday minute #30 from JohnHodge on Vimeo.

You know how your favorite skaters tend to be your homies or people you skate with. I think it has to do with knowing the amount of effort or lack of that goes into there skating that makes you admire they're rippin of a ledge.

Or how you're way more hyped on the Pro's you've seen skate in person than randoms.

Yeah I'm going with that.

Boots and Summertime Andy Rip.

Thanks House of 1817 for catchin a few tricks.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ashbury Demo



Can you spot all the Midwest Riders? Let me know maybe I'll send you a prize for being on your game!?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Midwest Super Puddle

Upon arriving to Fridays session I learn a friend had been seriously injured I saw the ambulance racing away. Later I heard about how serious a injury Trevor had sustained. If you wish to send him well wish here's a link to his Facebook that his mother is monitoring and updating. Seems to be making progress but is in need of some love and thoughts.

Midwest Superpark is always a good time. The event tends to be on the strange side, but thats what happens when skiers are involved. Been to everyone of these badboys so the forecast of rain and just returning from Europe wasn't going to keep me from rolling to Marquette.

Fridays short sess had mandatory dirt gaps, as well as lots of exposer to grass and mud. I knew than that Midwest Super Dirts was back in effect.

I was Hyped.

C-Unit was to.

This crew.





Killa Cam.


Scissors Kicks.


Look a Real Olympian I'm Hyped. Yeah Nick!

Rich Inspired.

Jerk Move.

Water Jam.

Nose Bonk.

Casey Shifting.

Pre Meth Hit.

Dean Decided To Show Up.

Product Testing.

It was a solid day of sliding snow. Rain held off and many of us thought about Trevor's condition. I bailed back to MN to be home. Thanks to the homies for help and goodtimes.

Trevor many are pulling for you man. We can't wait to see you shred again. God-Speed.

Common Sense

While this isn't the freshest news I do want to give props to Steve Nesser for a sick intro video on to Ipath Footwear. It's funny following the comments to this video. Seems to be a lot of concern over him wearing his old sponsors gear in the video. Almost like the Ipath didn't notice or something. Come on now people if you were sitting on that footage you wouldn't want it to go to waste would you!?


Lets work on getting a little common sense.

Sunday In Bear with RP?

Ryan Paul with back to back Sunday in the Park appearances, Add a touch of Jake OE and well I must say Bear looks best when it's rep'd by the Midwest.

Ole' suckas...

The Shred Remains Blog.

The Rome SDS crew has start the process of filming their third movie aptly titled The Shred Remains. With a year and half or so in filming on the docket they're setting up shop online to keep the trials and tribulations of life on the road and in the snow on line. With the likes of LNP, Will Lavigne, Bjorn Leines, Lucas Debari, Lazz, Marie Hucal, MFR, Eiki, Johnnie Paxson, Stale Sandbech, and others. Bookmark the page and check in when you can. I'm sure with all the travels and shredding going down it will be interesting to say the least.

Here's the first Leak.

The Shred Remains Blog Leak from KIDS ON SHRED PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Ms. Superpark Midwest Reppin.

Photo Marie Hucal ripped from

Ms. Superpark went down last week at Snow Summit which used to be the spot to shred at before Bear took over. Many of the older videos had Snow Summit park shots in them. Interesting to see them make moves to reestablish their cred. Marie Hucal was in the mix as well as first timer Terra Michilot. Sounded like things went well for the two ladies. Feel free to check out so clips and flicksover at

Thursday, April 1, 2010


REDit #2 from Colin Walters on Vimeo.

Graham Haley from brett butcher on Vimeo.

Youth. Kinda have to back it.

Stoken At Nubs Nob Last Weekend

While I was off finding my inner shred in Sweden and the Alps. Big Dick Whinnie and Foresteer held down a Stoken Event with all the charm that is snowboarding with your bros and hoes for no does. Yeah I typed that. Deal wid this edit.

STOKEN//romesds from Jake Breed on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jake Breed for all the support this season and looking forward to some Skate Edits soon.

The Leak.

THE LEAK by Variety Pack from Eddie Grams on Vimeo.

Next years movie this year. Nice move Eddie. This has been out, but thought a few of the lurks on here maybe didn't see it yet. Sorry I've been a horrible blogger. Work, riding, and no internet are the culprits. So much to blog.