Friday, February 19, 2010

Before I Go.

Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Photoshoot from Neff Headwear on Vimeo.

Neff Crew shooting the 2010/11 Catalog. Lot's of Neff staffers and Family in this. We keep it close.

Member Neff is for everybody...Don't front.

Off To Boot Camp and Visions Of Pushing

Joel Meinholz and the Rolling Company from Rasa Libre on Vimeo.

Rasa Libre's been dropping they're new video online. Check out Milwaukee OG Joel Meinholz who's always been a favorite.

Weather great, sunnys been shining, enjoy the day.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boot Camp 2010

Coming in hAWt is Casualties Boot Camp Year 10, much like The Foundation this is a loose fun time to learn with a great crew. Coaches hang on the level and campers grub, get free shit, and learn the newest ish.

So if you don't know now ya know.


In The Works.

makeFRIENDS trailer #1 from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Tease you #1

MAKE FRIENDS TRAILER #2 from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Tease you #2

College my freinds, College, can't keep a good crew down. Make P.

Last Monday On Tuesday via Make Productions

MENTHOL MONDAZE #3 with DANIMALS from jakedurham on Vimeo.

It's you're not down with Danimals then you're not down with me.

Monday's on Tuesday via House of 1817

Great times are being had, are you having them to? Get out and rip all this snow.