Friday, May 30, 2008



Great Web interview here. Yeah my link thing is F'd or I'd do it that way.

Just paste it, lazy asses.

Oakdale Session


So first Digi Cam video, I got it, don't turn the camera that way. Mini movie and bad but I think you get the idea. Sunny day and smooth concrete make for great times.

Rada was getting down in true head fashion. Rada brings style and pop to the session. He's brings a funny energy and is super consistent.

Zed kills it on some many levels. If you haven't skated with him make sure you do before you go. Yeah sounds stupid but you can't get how killer zed is unless you skate with him. He straight murders spots and all obstacles especially the ones you would never consider skating.

London Luke rips, check his intraweb contributions at Lukes coming off a knee injury and hes back in it. Check the weekend party of Beer Up, Bro Down for a first hand account.

Cj and Kyle in the Mix. Cj was ripping, shit that one line wow, bsns grind nollie flip out to shit it don't matter it was first try. I got Kyle's kickflip NS manny in the mini movie.

Nesser, in town longer than he has been in months it seems like, is in full popping force. He was putting together a fun line and i even saw a switch frontside 1 heel, Butters too.

Juri held down the flash in the afternoon, but was putting on the display of bank tricks in lines earlier in the day before the media was pulled out in heavy fashion.

Session rearing to an end, the Wizard shows up to put the roller skating skateboarding magic to the test. He is the Wizard!

Skating was the move this morn.

Ole' the great times.



Standing sideways on a piece of wood always feels right. Grab your crew and go push.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True Heads

The newest in a line of True Head Models Familia Skateshop is producing. This is Series 2 and Familia hosting a Party this Sat May 31st at Nye's Polonaise Room in the basement. As a precursor and crew are knocking back a few and pushing around prior to the evening session.

Ole' the Midwest Celebration

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Midwest No Correct Way

Midwest Rome Am's Cameron Strand, Mark Wilson, And Marie Hucal ventured to Colorado for the Deathrider Shoot for Rome SDS's upcoming release "No Correct Way". They met up with Marc Moline OG Midwest Rome Rider turned Echo Mountian Marketing Manager/Park Killer/All Around Super Guy. Marc hooked this shoot up and- by the sound of it- also slayed it. Go check for the full story and some photos.

Ole' Midwest Shreds

Friday, May 23, 2008

And Switch Backlip it is

Untitled from AL Blog Footage on Vimeo.

After much to do about putting this poll to rest Brendan Hayes SS BS Lipper!

Matt From Autumn Line's Email.

So here is the saga of getting this clip for Peter....

1. Pete asks Matt like 15 times to do it, but Matt knows its buried in some Hard Drive somewhere in the closet.
2. Matt Digs through 2 Hard Drives and finds the bad angle.
3. 15 minutes later Matt finds the good angle.
4. Matt uploads the file to Vimeo which takes 1 hour
5. The shot is all jacked and needs to be compressed and taken off Vimeo
6. Matts old version of Final Cut on his laptop doesn't like the clip and freaks out.
7. Marks computer has its startup disk full and it takes awhile to get Final Cut to Open.
8. When Final Cut opens on Marks computer it kicks off the Final Cut on our main computer bc they are the same serial number, causing a 15 minute re-boot delay.
9. Matt Compresses Clip, but it needs De-Interlaced
10. Matt Re-Compresses Clip.
11. Matt loads it to Vimeo.
12. A total of 2 hours required of actual work time to make this clip available.

I emitted the fee portion of this list(13.) as to not compromise my blogs integrity. I most surely will be going down like the Saprano's on this.

Ole' the Switch Backlip'

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fresh Faced Killers

So these rags have hit the shelves. Locally you can score at The Youth Shelter Supply ( or The FL Project (
Hope all you supporters go out and get some. If your favorite shop don't know they best ask somebody!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Scratch That Itch

Well Nordic Resort is still making it happen if you're down, they're down. So get up to get get down.

Peep this space for a large poster.

Thursday, May 15, 2008



If you don't know how sick a shredder she is go peep the interview here and pick up a copy of "Any Means". Great story, even better snowboarder!


TECHNICOLOUR TRAILER from the tree project on Vimeo.

These kids are working. Don't sleep on what it sure to be amazing piece. Go check it in HD on their site.

Monday, May 12, 2008



Blog Battle/Revisited shred heads 6001. Ok well if you missed Revisited at Spirit this weekend (Kopish) you blew it, in a major way. The weather held off so NO rain. The temps were down so many a tshirt rider were surprised by below the tshirt threshold temps. Many choose to battle it out despite never ending goosebumps. Damage Boardshop hosted in conjunction with their anniversary (Happy Happy). This event wouldn't go down without many a man hour put into the mound of snow still standing. The setup was on point to say the least, small rails, large rails, up rails, jump to flat, rhythm section, wall ride with transfer option, flat box, banked box, u box thing, barrels, tires, hip, shit was getting used. Session started off heavy on the mound-o-jump to flat, well not flat at first but soon enough to say to flat.

Over head air to say the least was being unleashed with late 80's grabs couple with 08 flare. Speaking of flare our man Riley of Newsroom Cinema fame was coming correct with 010 stylee mang watch out cause his nik's are jumpin off now!

Giants Ridge crew was in the house these cats held a heavy session on the long flat bar. The good times contiuned to roll.

The wall feature was being sessioned all day by many a shredder. The Dwellers kids were bring it as well as EC OG of the Damage Crew. Peep some of the Damage?!

Revisited was a great time, Many a thanks to Damage and their whole crew for a awesome event. Happy Birthday to Barry and Victor and Happy Anniversary Damage Boardshop.

Ole' to a Midwest Shred Shop