Friday, February 22, 2008

Pretty much it's on....

photo vic.
Ashbury goggles in hand and on faces in the Middle. LNP just left the U.P. read all about it here
I was just rippin Tyrol Basin lone star in my fresh face covers.

photo. vic
Bev Olson is backing them.....BIGTIME.
Oh and peep Midwest son Joe Sexton in Goofy vs Reg this weekend @ Bear Mtn. GO JOE!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The dreams alive


Heading north to the U.P. to rip the Casualties Boot Camp with LNP, Yan Dorfin, C-Ron, Rich, the whole C-unit, and my man Cavan. Looking like it's going to be a awesome time. Wolfe hit me these shots of Fernie where Craig, Kop, Terry and I will be shooting the boarder to rip the most snow in the CA. Wolfe's (check the new Rome SDS outerwear featuring the Grasser in Jade) been beating down the piste and off piste like a pro and we all look forward to ripping with him and his lady Sofie. Well it's snowing in the middle alot, the work is almost over and the fun spring riding is at the door step. These are the times and they will be ours........

Spring will lead to more time to work on the first issue of Corduroy. So keep your head in the sky and eye on the prize.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sneak a Peak

Ashbury is coming with the heat to warm up the midwest winters and cool down summers. With our very own Joe Sexton repping it with pleasure. Ashbury is pleased to give you a small yet tasty preview. Ask your local shop to supply the flavor with Ashbury goggles.