Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tommy Young Pando Edit

Tommy Young Pando OG lace up a day at the spot. GR reppin Midwest living.

Edit by Jake Breed.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Tomorrow Will Never Be Today?

Big Things happening in Sterns. The Youth Shelter Supply is hosting the Bald-E-Gal Cup Finals. 
See you tomorrow around noon at Powder Ridge.

Also if you haven't been to Make's Blog Click the link. Danimals! 

Anthony and I is a mini-series coming to a local cable station any day.

House of 1817 is posting on the regs. Pop in there, get scary

Twolves 2 wins in a row. YES.

Felt bad about not making the Flow Trash Premier. Heard it was off the chain. Buy It Assholes.

Tucker Dropped a book, Buy It

Vikes tomorrow? Yeah. Vick may unleash. I hope AP does as well. 

Ok Monday. Done with you.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Was Just Thinkin...

Casey Huizenga from Jake Breed on Vimeo.

Not sure if I ever shared this. This guys is pushing. It's not a sport kids, it's not sporting, no one cares if you can switch crook. Just push. Ok just thinkin.

Anthony's coming over tomorrow. Our plan is to push this issue threw. I know it's been to long coming and I'm sorry. But life is a pursuit and sometimes it takes time to catch your pray. Well be eating soonish.

Oh and to this cold I have. Fuck You.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where we were, Where we are, Where we'll play tonight.

The Met last game 29 years ago


TCF is live for tonight 29 years after the last outdoor pro game in MN at the Met. Corduroy Homie Craig Williams is working with the NFL to film the 50 year celebration. He thought he'd be in the Dome but he'll be enjoying the a first in along time. I'm excited. SKOL VIKS

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flow Trash and Rock N Ride This Weekend.

Friday night is a fresh night in Minneapolis skating. Stoked to see the new bloods getting there's. Friday Night 8 at Suburban World- FREE FOOLS.

Down in Wisconsin a nice resort name Devil's Head host a blow out party weekend with the focus on riding. Ok it's a huge party. Get some! 

Still catching up with myself after being beside myself for a few days. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bald E Gal Cup First Stop Edit

Bald E-Gal Cup | Qualifier from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Drove up after a morning session at Buck Hill. It was worth it, great setup, great people, great riding. Thanks to The Youth Shelter Supply for they're efforts in support Midwest snowboarding with this storied event series.

Out in Portland. Ripped Mt. Hood Meadow's with great Midwestern Homies. Jake Richardson and Brandon (Mouse) Smith. It's was dumping and we rode fast and hard. Snow's rolling into MN I'm sure with hordes of rail riding posse's will follow. Hey might have a chance to meet a pro at target buyin they're new shovel or something. Good Luck with that.

Hope everyones ripping. Twenty days deep for me. New products in my mind and I'm pumped.


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Follow Cam Friday Tease. from charlie hoffman on Vimeo.

Rome SDS Advocate Charlie Hoffman, Ripping Rider, Nice Fellow, Sick Skater, and Editor/Producer of Follow Cam Fridays. Stoked peep these great shredding at the resort follow cam webisodes. Get out to your resort and ride. Check these on Tuesday.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bustling Saturday...Post Snow

Tons of fun to have on the slopes with The Youth Shelter Supply Boys and a Huge send off to veteran Fobia and Familia, bouncer/sales/homie/photographer/skater/snowboarder Juri Loginov. 
MPLS let's do him right this fine Saturday nite. Photo show at the shop then to the Stag for a dance party that should be second to none.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #7 Premature Jibs

Premature Jibulation. from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

A yearly affair of the lightest of heart and greatest of desires. This Rome SDS conjured event is in it 7th year and brings some early jammin fun to the first and sometimes not first day of the season. Hot to the dog are the shredders who so passionately throw down in travel and tricks to participate the most key element to this Jibulation. Thanks to Rich Whinnie, Mt Holly Mike and Josh, Ohio crew, Michigan Peeps, Indiana heads, and Kevin Castanheira for this Short.

Be sure to check Kevins Filming and Editing skills in his release Sooner or Later.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mt Holly Premature Edit

Premature Jibulation 2010//romesds from Jake Breed on Vimeo.

Wasn't able to make it over to the Mitt for this years PreJib but a partner in crime Rich Whinnie held it down with classic form. Homies, shredders, random skiers who haven't figured it out yet, Red Bulls, winners with no losers, hot dawgs, Rome SDS, and Mt. Holly. Sounds so sweet. Here's a nice edit from constant contributor Jake Breed. Thanks to him for also helping out on that filmer/editor/ripper front.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rome SDS Presents Premature Jibulation Sat Nov27th At Mt Holly

Premature Jibulation 
Saturday November 27th 
Free to enter
Lift Ticket Required
Get up with your posse and rally the rig to Mt Holly
Good prizes, Meat Products, Snow of some sort

If you didn't know (u-shoulda) now you know. 

Let the season begin! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Pop.

Ollies in honor of Bernard Isaacs

Backside One


Early on BS 1, 3's and taps were warm ups on the lower heights. 

Garrett popin

3 1/2ft Squared up. 

Shane Handling 4ft. This was heavy. 

Top Pop. Shane, Nate, and TJ

Victor set out to pay respects to his Grandfather who has Alzheimer's. He came up with a Ollie contest to bring people together in a loose and fun event. It's just you, your board, and bar set at a fixed height. No judge, no judgement, just pop, clear, land, ride away. That or knock the bar to the snow in defeat. 
Simple as snowboarding. There was a great crew of fellas and a lady each putting their snap to the test. Early on, many variations of ollies were clearing the lower heights. Once everyone had plenty of attempts to warm the legs, the event kicked off at the lowest setting. Quickly it was up to 3ft, a solid group popped that. On to that 3 1/2ft ollie which left only 5 standing above the next height of 4ft. With one attempt and legs wavering, Shane Ruprecht popped the 4ft with his new smile. I'll venture to say Victor's Grandpa would've been proud of the overall effort and the great times many shared. 
Thanks to Viktor Simco for a great event, Vans Bob for supporting, Nate for shooting sick foto's, Wild for the energy, and the riders for supporting a fine event. 
This is snowboarding. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #6 Be Jammin

Nice Up MPLS from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

A smooth evening of Jams and Peeps. Much Love to Familia, Ipath, Kopish and D.O., and The Red Stag Supper Club. Second Wednesday of the month at The Stag. Deep Creates, Late Night Specials, Loose Times, Spirited Sounds.

Thanks for Eric Schleicher for Moving Images and Edits.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

-Bjorn Leines been traveling the Midwest High Fiving, talkin The Shred Remains, and Techin the Celtek. With yours truely, last stop tonight. 

-Tons-O-Sexton coverage to check out on line here two recent thing in one spot on YOBEAT

-Japan powder for me later this season. Dope article in Snowboarder about how to do it under 2G's stoked for this trip. 

-Familia Droppin 5's over at they're Site, Twitter, and Facebook. Mia Premier this weekend at the shop. 

-Nesser all up on the Berrics. Text Yoself

-Twolves Folks have a squad. Fun Stuff down on 1st Ave. B-ease is getting B-eastly.

-Marben all up in the Mammoth Opener. Ripping

Thats it for now. Get out and ride your board. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MIdwest SDS AM Army Up For Free.

House of 1817: The Movie from riley erickson on Vimeo.

Viktor Simco all up in House of 1817

DUMP EM OUT from DUMP EM on Vimeo.

Mark Wilson Up in Dump Em Out

Fun Is For Faggots from Sexy Boyz on Vimeo.

Rob Michel and Dean Ferrari hold it down with da Sexy Boyz. Appearance by Josh Nelson as well.

MAKE FRIENDS from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Brandon Rhoades Holdin it down for the Make Homies.

Bunch of talented Shreds and Filmers/Editors in thess Flicks. Many thanks for the hype/help/support on many levels crews. Shits all online free spread the movies out and share with your heads.

Nice Up MPLS

Ipath Footwear, Red Stag Supperclub, and Familia Skateshop bring up the second Nice Up MPLS. 
They Jammin Classic Reggae Vibe with Stacks of Vinyl. 
This isn't your Nas/Ziggy joints.
 This is on some Wax Poetics Shit. 
So Nice Up Tomorrow Night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Many Events.

The Youth Shelter Supply and St Cloud worked a long time for this. Lets all roll out to show how much Skaters care about dope Plaza's. 

And Near to our Hearts here, Viktor is host a Event in the name of his Grandfather with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association. Come out pop you're board in support of a great cause if you just want to donate thats fine too. Come up to Wild Mountain November 21st. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #5 Is Alive

House of 1817 Premiere from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

House Of 1817 Premier was a nightmare event, with blessing from below. Friday October 28th open the season at two resorts and closed by hundreds of youthful ghouls embarking upon Suburban World for the screening of House Of 1817 "The Movie", we made it out alive and with out tickets. Here's what transpired. Filmed by Eric Schleicher and Craig Williams. Edit by Eric Schleicher


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #4

Opening Day At Trollhaugen from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Season started, got out with a great friends, ripped all weekend. If you missed it, this weekend is a must. Nothing like pulling your gear out and strapping in. Opening part of the Season in the Midwest is a special time.

 Thanks to Craig Williams for Fliming and Eric Schleicher for the Edit Skills.

Ipath Tuesday With Steve Nesser.

This summer, Ipath Crew journeyed through Canada late July. He's some of the trip, with new team rider Jo# G(&@an#. Looks like Midwest OG Steve Nesser was holdin it down and peep all these skateparks? Why is Canada able to pull legit parks and we fail repeatedly...Go Vote, don't let d-bags get into office.

Here's the Top Five reasons. They're Not Backing This Promise! Need Help finding were to Vote?

Boo Ya........

Steve Nesser's 5's at the Familia T.F. from Familia Skateshop on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Breaking VG News..(News Sounder In Your Head)..

This just came across the news blotter...For Immediate Release and Consumption.

Oct 31, 2010: announces acquisition of second video production company with plans to launch 2 unrelated snowboard action titles for Fall 2011.
Videograss, the makers of Bon Voyage (2010) and Videograss (2009) announced today the acquisition of the crew that brought you In Color (2010), Get Real (2009), and These Days (2008). Videograss founders Mikey Leblanc, Darrell Mathes, Nima Jalali, Mike Hakker, and Lance Hakker have brought in the directors of both projects, Justin Meyer and Joe Carlino, as co-owners of Videograss. For the 2011 season Videograss will be launching two major titles with two separate crews. Each video maintaining the look and feel that you’ve come to expect from both Justin Meyer and Joe Carlino. Along with Joe come Gary Milton and Hayden Rensch, both formerly of Transworld Snowboarding. Videograss is also proud to announce the addition of Eddie Grams formerly of Variety Pack and Riley Erickson formerly of House of 1817 to fill out the roster of accomplished filmers.
"Adding the entire crew that delivered my favorite video of 2010, In Color which was made by Joe Carlino, Gary Milton, and Hayden Rensch, is a huge step for Videograss.  We feel Videograss makes one of the top 5 snowboarding videos in the world yearly, but adding this new title to our business really brings in a huge element to Videograss.  We have now added a big mountain and backcountry element to our video offering.  More importantly we have added a production crew that is deep in experience, with all the filmers being highly motivated and talented individuals that previously owned and or started their own video in past seasons. We feel as a company we can now deliver 2 of the top 5 videos for Winter 2011.”  
-       Mikey LeBlanc.
"Ever since our first Bear videos, Joe and I knew we would work together again sooner or later. Now is the time, and I couldn't be more excited. He gets to keep doing his thing, and myself as well. We got the best snowboarders in the game, and we get to bring in our favorite filmers to match. I can't wait to see what Joe and crew put together this year!"
-       Justin Meyer
“I have been a fan of Videograss and those guys since day one, they are my homeys. I'm hyped to be a part of what they are doing for snowboarding. I hope this whole change can bring the entire snowboard community together as a whole!”
-       Joe Carlino
Harrison Gordon
Alex Cantin
Ben Bilocq
Austin Smith
Bryan Fox
Curtis Ciszek
Alex Andrews
Knut Eliassen
Xavier De La Rue
Ethan Deiss
Jake Kuzyk
Louif Paradis
Jordan Mendenhall
Jon Kooley
Will Tuddenham
Nick Dirks
Darrell Mathes
Gus Engle
Nima Jalali
Justin Bennee
Jake Olson-Elm
Jonas Michilot
Johnny Miller
Jed Anderson
Chris Grenier
Zac Marben
Mikey Leblanc
Justin Meyer
Joe Carlino
Sean McCormick
Gary Milton
Riley Erickson
Hayden Rensch
Eddie Grams
_______________________ was founded in 2008 by Nima Jalali, Mike Hakker, Lance Hakker, Mikey LeBlanc and Darrell Mathes.  They have released two hit titles that were both distributed worldwide by VAS (Video Action Sports). Videograss' first release, titled, Videograss was nominated for Video of the Year by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

House of 1817 Movie-Spooky Shit.

House of 1817: The Movie from riley erickson on Vimeo.

Premier was super fun, it was opening day of riding in the MN/WI zone of the Midwest. Uptown House of 1817 laced up a scary premier on Halloween Weekend that had great energy, costumes, ton of people, and some police late...Here's the link to there site. The movies up top. We'll be dropping a Corduroy Short soonish.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump Day Halloween Style

-This Friday get yout costumes ready for House Of 1817's, "The Movie". Full of local dead shred heads, frittley horrors, maybe some whores?, supported by some fine peddlers of wears. Uptown Murderapolis!!! HAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAA

-Jake OE straight Coffee.

-Comune Clothing dropped “Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformation Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden On The Moon”  (or BLKHLZINVZFS for short) a hot concept with multiple edits of footage to create a team movie.

-Tricks for Treats is in it's third year. Pando hosts what is becoming a annual must attend event. Get into it Michigan!

-Don't know if you've gone but Familia's got a new site worth peepin'. Look out for some undercover custom joints drop here soonish. If you like sneakers..............Update the leak is out.

-Mn loose another great one to the NYC. Peep the goodbye video.

-My Favorite NBA squad opens up the season tonight. Shits looking solid for this season. I think this teams going to be fun to watch. Bummer on Martell Webster being hurt cuase he looked like the SG we've been waiting for, also last years Rookie Jonny Flynn is out as well. Once we get those guys in the mix this years team is looking like a 30 or so win team. Thats what Love thinks, I agree. GO WOLVES!

Well thats all for today. Work calls.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #3

People Premiere. from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

This Short brings us some vibes from last weekends Video Party at People Skate and Snow in Keego Harbor MI. Ben and crew rolled out fantastic times for all in attendance. Dj Aj, Drunk Dom, and Prussia Provided the soundtrack to the evening. Thanks to Jake Breed for the Audio Visual.

For a Marie Hucal recount hyper link over to Peep Show.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Premier Madness Round 2

Tonight Village in Cleveland is running In Color, Cheers, and Sooner or Later.

Tonight in Minneapolis Forum is running F'ck it  and Bald-E-Gal at Suburban World

Saturday Night People Skate and Snow is running a huge night with live music, videos, and sale.

Sorry been blowing it on posting. More in the works, Colossal Human is hard at work on the New Issue.  Many Thanks to him.

Rip it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #2

Birmingham Rail Jam from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Early Season Rail Jam in Birmingham MI. Captured and mixed by Jake Breed. Jakes been getting down on the Northern Michigan Skate Scene for a few years. With a move to Grand Rapids and Winter approaching his going to jump in the negative temps and mix it up in the snow. Thanks for making the second Corduroy Shorts. We hope you enjoy.

Winter is near.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Event Post. People Make Moves!

-Bald-E-Gal's Poachers 10 in the Cloud. Stearns!

-Cal Surf and Friends Droppin Cheers and Bald-E-Gal at Sauce In Minneapolis. Zac Marben and Joe Sexton Parts are rippin.

-Trollhaugen Preseason Rail Jam. Always a great event and turn out.

-Casualties Featuring Videograss with Mikey Leblanc and Darrell Mathes in the attendence.

-Syndicate's Two Years Deep in this project. Sooner Or Later Featuring Cameron Strand, Marie Hucal, Dan Morrison, Cody Sanders, Tony Accuardi, and More. With riding from OH, MI, CA, and MN.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweak It Mag Cover For Me. TWS Cover For Brisse

-Stoked for Dan Beasty from good old MN. Great guy, killer rider who always been pushing his limits and these days he pushing the limits of snowboarding. Props! Peep Dan's ender in NowHere the newest title from Absinthe.

-Joe Mertes has been pushing his Tweaked ideas online. Rumors have it that their may be a Issue dropping?! In the meantime link up at the Blog.

-Hot Dawgs and Handrails just went down last week end. Corduroy west coaster contributor/all around good dood shot and cover the event. Peep his stuff here.

-Finally peeped "In Color" TWS's new flick. Props to Jake Olson-Elm and Ethan "Furby" Deiss on great stuff. If I were you I'd grab a copy. Also Ethan has a check out in the new TWS issue.

-Still waiting to see Peoples "Cheers" with Joe Sexton and Zac Marben sections. Stoked to see that.

-House of 1817 is in full edit mode.

-Syndicate is in full edit mode and premier mode. Time is a tickin and it's feelin sooner.

-Bald-E-Gal Premier Coming up next week.

-Casualties VG Premier with Mikey and Darrel.

-Twolves start Camp this weekend. YEah!

Some Much Popping in the Middle. Fall today Winter tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Antix Media's Marc Moline

Marc Moline - Self Edit 2010 from Marc Moline on Vimeo.

Marc's a Grand Rapids OG who got a degree and moved to the foot hills to help run Echo's Marketing and Graphic's under his own Antix Media. He's also a talented and passionate rider, who I know, is always up for a session. Stoked on his self edited edit from this season. Hope you are too.

Yeah Marc!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Casualties Premier Bring Your Party Pants Tues Oct 5th

Well the Vikes are 0-2 and, Yeah, I'm pissed. But as I dip the sadness in spirits and numb the soul. I turn my attention to the finer things in life. And I instantly get hyped for Marquette and The Casualties Video Premier of Videograsses Bon Voyage. Oh man, Mikey Leblanc is coming, shenanigans. Darrel Mathes will be there to teach the finer points of a proper tail press.

So get your roll on to the U.P. and let Party this preseason into Winter.

Oh by the way it Snowed in the Midwest. ND Kids.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Freakin Friday.

-KC Premier of VG is on. House Party stylee, classy. Straight outa KC a crazy mother named I shred KC Check the blog peep the scene really hyped on KC right now. MALTO?

-Craig killed the VG premiere edit. PROPS!

-Jake OE serve spots and sometimes gets served right back.

-Marie Hucal and Terra Michilot all up in the Second Tease of Peep Show.

-Weekend is coming and so is another edition of Sexy Time Saturday from House of 1817.

-Rail Jam this weekend in Ohio. Check it right hur. Next weekend in Michigan game on.

-Bald-E-Gal Premier and Casualties Super blow out Premiers are booked.

Well anyways. Enjoy.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts

Videograss Minneapolis Premiere from Corduroy Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Today we embark on new content that will accompany the event info, links to awesome things, and random thoughts that we've been launching with this blog as a vehicle. While the second issue (the first ones at the bottom of the blog incase you haven't seen it) is still a work in progress, we've been able to launch this idea through the help of Corduroy Lifer Craig Williams. Craig's a talented driven individual with great ideas, we plan to put him work. Look for more Corduroy Shorts to come.

Thanks to
Cal Surf
Zombie Boardshop
MN Shreds
Jonas Michilot
Ashbury Eyewear
Holden Outerwear
Ryan with St Anthony Theaters

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boyne Breeding

RomeSDS Invades The Highlands. edit 3. from Jake Breed on Vimeo.

Jake Breeds Boyne Highlands Edit. Good Shit. This is the third edit from a fun night of Shredding with friends. Thanks to the Great Lakes SDS crew for all the love, help, and support.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crew Up For A Downtown Premier. Tonight.

Whoa droppin next, Videograss Premiere at St. Anthony Main Saturday September 11th @ 4:30. It's a Free event opening with Local super movie Make Friends by Make Productions. Don't fear the parking, free ramp parking with validated ticket. Seating is first come first serve.

VGer Jonas Michilot will be in the house to Celebrate with undercover new VGer $%(^y E&i*ks%n and Returning VGskee Jake OE.

21 plus Unofficial Afterparty @ Whitey's World Famous Saloon just up the street.

Brought to you by these fine establishments,

Cal Surf
Zombie Boardshop
Corduroy Lifestyles

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The GiGi Movie

Tomorrow night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Vecco Productions 9191 movie. I've always enjoy Vecco style films. Come on out to hang on a hump day.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

-Holden Outerwear's new site is live and super fun to nerd out on. Bored at work just click the link. Don't forget the VG premier at St Anthony Main sponsored by Cal Surf and Zombie.

-Also on the premier front is Vecco productions 9191 at Varsity Theater on the 8th of September. Bjorn will be in the house.

-Joe Sexton had a busy winter. In between coaching The Foundation Snowboard Camp and hangin at the House of 1817, he managed to pull off a feat of great proportions! Props to Joe, you can peep he's promodel right here.

-Skate heads are getting to it and have been all summer, Flow Trash released the 2nd Promo last week. You may have peeped it but I'm strictly backing it up.

-Tom Rohrer Midwest OG getting it at Double Rock.

-Also Jeremy Reeves St Paul killer is on Think. Peep his ish right hur.

-Nesser was on tour with Ipath in Canada, got lots of shots it sounded like. Super hyped.

Off to work I go... HiHoe HiHoe

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beers and Bros

Get out and support some local skaters and there related art.

A Minnesota goodtime. Remember you stick to you P's and Q's.

Beer up Bro down is brought to you by

Tha Plat

Friday, August 27, 2010

Videograss Bon Voyage Minneapolis Premier Sept 11th

Whoa droppin next, Videograss Premiere at St. Anthony Main Saturday September 11th @ 4:30. It's a Free event opening with Local super movie Make Friends by Make Productions. Don't fear the parking, free ramp parking with validated ticket. Seating is first come first serve.

Kinda hyped.

Brought to you by these fine establishments,

Cal Surf
Zombie Boardshop
Corduroy Lifestyles

Monday, August 23, 2010

Battle At Wizards Wedge Edit From Kevin Horn

Red Stag Block Party hosted Familia's Battle at WIzards Wedge sponsored by Ipath Footwear. Thanks to all the rippers for pushin, all the Ipath flow squad for reppin, Familia for being down for the get down, and Kevin Horn for the edit. I had a great time and I hope you did too.


Monday Monday LA LA LA LA LA

-Thanks to all the Skaters, Haters, Players, Homies, Jim Thomes, Lurkers, Murkers, and Familia Skateshop for Coming down to The Red Stag for Battle at Wizards Wedge. Super fun, tons of tricks, great weather, pink drink, beer, Ipath shoes, cash, tons of goodtimes. Yeah to that!

-Make sure you Make Friends

-Ipath on Tour in Canland, peep the twitter with updates on the happenings from Ohio Dave the TM.

-The Wolfe and the Windh land in America today. Two week Party in MPLS.

-In Exciting News, Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) has launched the 2010-2011 website. Shits Live, Rider Profiles, all the New Tech, Product Managers breaking it all down, Blog for the New movie droppin next year The Shred Remains, tons of stuff to go through and get educated or waste time.

Enjoy the week!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Friends Edit High Five For Sexy Vibes!

Hello Friends is Michigan rippers jammin in the streets and parks of the western side of the Mitten.

Skaters- tyler franz, jake keenan, casey huizenga, jordan zuppke, tommy young, jeremy knickerbocker, and charlie hoffman.

Filmed by Mr. Breed

Ole' homies!

Marie Hucal Takes A Step Up, It's Official!

Party Pooch and I are Proud today that after a official Rome Team update, it's announced Midwest Am Army Rider Marie Hucal will be bumped up to the main squad. If you don't know this young lady you sure will soon, with opener in last years Peep Show movie, clips in regional films like Fresh Airs "This Side Up", and parts in both upcoming releases Peep Shows "Let make better mistakes tomorrow" as well as Syndicates "Sooner or Later". You'll surely recognize her ripping style and handling of some heavy rails. With Marie France Roy down this years because of neck injury, Marie was asked to join Rome SDS for the Team Shoot Out where she left a strong impression on the crew riding tuff despite a pretty heavy shoulder injury and illness. I know, it goes with out saying for many, but it takes a lot for a Midwest rider to make it to this level. Others have and more will garner opportunities, but it's still quite a testament to her passion for snowboarding as well as her abilities to rip. Marie also is stepping up on Holden Outerwear and receives a lot of support from Ashbury Eyewear. Congratulations Marie and keep chargin!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Color Teaser

Wait this isn't a TWS teaser. Oh nice.

Peep This.


But Jake Olsen Elm in this one and he rips a Snow Stick.

In Color - Transworld - OFFICIAL 2010 Snowboard Teaser from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

Looks good as well.

Why I Don't Surf Or Plan On Venturing Far Off Shore With Out A Large Boat

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Surf Week my ass, this dood straight roles into this a day after having a some Great Whites role on him the day before.

"The day before I shot this video, i was SUP surfing with a couple friends and 2 sharks circled us for about 15 minutes. the next day, i decided to go back out at around the same time and take my GO PRO HD camera mounted on a 10 ft pole and do some exploring. . . Sure enough within 5 minutes a 9 ft shark came out of no where and circled twice and slapped his tail on my board before disappearing. then a minute later a 7 ft young juvenile Great White swam circles around me for 12 minutes."


Man, this is scary! To the heads the love Surfin, I got mad props for you. But NO WAY!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


POACHERS 10 | Teaser from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Jack Boyd caught up with Mike Thienes to pick the mind of Bald-E-Gal producer and The Youth Shelter Supply Shop co-owner/worker. It's a great read and you can here from Mike in the forth coming Corduroy Release?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Windells 6, 2010: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Damage Heads in Hood and in Hoodies. Mark Wilson Midwest Rome SDS Am Army and Jared Jordan Monument rider. Peep a good edit and Del.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas

"Im With Stupid" teaser from Role Model Productions on Vimeo.

-Role Model crew bring their take. Get Hyped!

-Videograss Premiered, here's the quick links to the action shots. Sound like it was a intense party! TWS up in there, Yo Beat Crew, Snowboarder in the house, plus House of 1817 was at hood and brought the party (DUH).

-Look out for more Videograss premiers in the Midwest.

-LNP seems to get more action in shred than most pro's I know. Here he's taking on young Lazz..

-Both Issue of the newest mags are out. Both are read cover to cover by me. My Firsts issue picks is Snowboarder. Go out and grab it.

-Final when building a team looking to contend, one need the looseness of players like this. Super. We got him!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Much Sunday.

Josh Dyer 09/10 from Josh Dyer on Vimeo.

Busy Times. So much is going down or has in the last few weeks. I'm behind in sharing it on here. So this will be a long post with tons-o-links. Products hitting doors, big mags first issues are out, big biznasty is calling the shots and forcing out good people. Yep Snow on the ground in a few months and it's pre-pre hype over drive! Peep Rome SDS newest Regional Ripper Josh Dyer above.

-MIke Forester is working out at Rome SDS as a graphic do it all and over again. They put him out their to get his Tweet on. It when down already but the pre-game video is worth a look

-Marie Hucal also just got a interview welcoming her to the team. Marie went to the Team Shoot Out so peep her in the edit. Also pop over to the SDS site and read the interview. Solid!

- Familia's Ghost Ride the Whip went down, it was awesome. Benji Meyer made a small edit of some of the highlights. Check it!

-The Youth Shelter Supply's own Dan Brisse has been up at COC, peep his park edit. Also Mr Sexton has been in Canada a ton like it's his country or something. He also has shots in the Stepchild COC week edit.

-Premiers yeah got those. Videograss last night at Hood and tomorrow in Portland. You going?

-Jake Durham's Make Friends Premiered at Cal Surf Friday night. Sounds like he had some Technical Difficulties prior but pulled it. I was luck to make it home in time for a sweet movie filled with friends, fun, shred, randomness, and partying.

-Last years Ladies flick Peep Show debut to great response. Midwest riders Terra Michilot and Marie Hucal brought they're stylings on snow to that project and return for the second flick. Check here for the updates.

-St Cloud finally broke ground on the Plaza Mike Thienes and Friends have been working on for Years. Ole'

-Rome SDS been releasing the Local Gnar Edits. Peep Michigan's Charlie Hoffman's Edit. I'll try to post all the Midwest entry's.

-Yo Beat Breaks down your sponsored levels. Simko gets a shout out.

-So my dear friends over at Syndicate Productions have created a Facebook Page. Sooner or Later Kevin will get around to friending it. Click that link and like this shit! WERD!

Ok well I have a ton of other shit I should post I'm sure but I need to get rolling and live a little. Stay True.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rome SDS Team Shoot Out (Takes)

Classic shout out to the Days of Whitey Movies. Mikey is pure comedy in this shit. Overall well worth the views. I hear rumors of a super funny third Outtake be on the look out.


Thought so!