Saturday, January 19, 2008


Work, live, save, travel, break trails. While most riders pursue larger parks, secret rails, filmer's, sponsors, and attention. They're those who live to ride snow. With intention and passion these people spend months planning and saving, with the reward of a season of pure riding in mind. Not even the "pro's" get the same satisfaction of riding everyday with out the pressures of producing a required result. This rider's only pursuits are slash, slide, drop, ollie, hike, air, and enjoy the snowy space before them. The snow they worked to put in front of themselves, not for you, a company, me, but for their own bliss. These are the realists, the purest of shreds, they don't just dream of riding all season with no distraction. They DO ride all season in a destination of their choice, HERE, HERE, to the doers!

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