Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Break 08

Driving 9 hours in the rig to meet with heads from all over the Midwest for a weekend of shredding is kinda my idea of a good time. The kinda comes from the 9 hours of solo drive/mindfuck (did i mention my ipod died prior to this drive?!) time to the destination. Though I get plenty of practice driving solo it still wears on me at times. With the drive underway I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of a spring morning drive through lovely Wisco into the U.P. over the bridge and to Harbor Springs was. With a group of good friends meeting up at the condo I though a nice family meal would be a enjoyable way to start what was to be a weekend of good times. So whats more family style than a huge spaghetti dinner? Food preparation took about an hour longer than I had planned. I also made enough noodles to feed the 41st brigade, with them not in attendance we tried to eat what we could. The next two days would be noodle filled days of wonder.

Waking that Saturday morning to 3-4 inches of snow wasn't a full surprise but, conditions at the hill were some I had never ridden before. With a down pouring of snow and a wicked wind we rode a full days worth of slush, crust, and pow. Fun lines were found and rode, trees were slayed, handplants were planted, and slashes slashed with purpose. Jason and his crew always make this an event to attend with the weather strange they worked hard to keep it solid. It was a hard day of riding and nobody was spared an edge catch in the crud. Tired but pumped we retreated back to the condos to freshen up. A mass exodus to eat ensued and many a face was fed. Later that night in another group of condos a party of youthful explosion and expression rages to the dismay of the security.

The next day spring board awoke to bluebird sky and very favorable temps. This day was celebrated by these faces and actions.


Yet another Spring Board Meeting and I feel like we accomplished a lot. Wish we could meet again this week, but guess we'll have to wait until next year.


levi said...

word to the wishing we could do it all again this weekend. thank you again for you hospitality and spaghetti

willkeegan said...

Wish I could have made it... pics look awesome.