Monday, June 23, 2008

KG Wins

KG has a realists approach to things. I'm happy I got to watch him play for my favorite team for 12 seasons. Yeah he broke the NBA bank, yeah he was never the fourth quarter player fans wanted and demanded, etc. Though through all of that and the trade he's been the real deal with heart, soul, determination, all day, every day. That's why when you see him after game 6 and he's losing it, you know that was 32 years of dreams, hopes, fears playing out for you to watch. No phony reality TV just raw feelings. He gave love to the journey that got him to a Championship, Chi-town, "Sota", and Mom. Man that shit was inspirational. I can't help to smile thinking about it now. Well as it all calms down and story starts to shake out, I thought this article was worth a read.

Here's the clip,

Ole' a true Champion.

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