Friday, August 22, 2008

If You're San Diego For ASR

Here's the Release-

Under the Influence - A Shred Carpet Affair

Bluebird and the Rome SDS are teaming up at the annual Socal Bro-down to give you a night worth remembering. Well, maybe you’ll remember it, maybe you won’t.
On September 4th 2008, during the ASR tradeshow in San Diego, the two like-minded brands will get together to show the world their unique perspectives on snowboarding through film—the Bluebird Movie and No Correct Way. There will be no dress code, no ski-brand bar tab, no proper etiquette and no mobile phone company sponsor. What there will be are two of the rawest, most progressive and most fun-to-watch snowboard films of the year. And of course some free beer and a shotgun or two.
Though one is from Jackson and the other is from Northern Vermont, Bluebird and Rome SDS both come from a value system that is influenced by methods, first chairs, face shots and the lives of resort-town ghetto kids. And when the films start running, their ideas on what is important to snowboarding comes through as loudly as LNP’s floral hippie shirt.
So leave your suits and fancy shoes at home and come hang with the blue collar of snowboarding. And to check out this year’s movies that best capture what snowboarding is really about—fun with friends who understand.

Modus Bar and Lounge
2202 4th Avenue, San Diego CA 92101
Doors open at 8pm

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