Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn Line Premier Late Late Recap

Adam Porter MC

All Smiles main man Syndicate Kevin

Blasko now runs wild in the West

All Smiles Dan and Ryan peep there parts

Syndicates other half

Michigan Crew with whos that girl

Well this is a day late and eight dollars short but what's a busy guy to do folks?! This is a annual premier that host big name pros, local heros, and everyone in between. Autumn Lines flim this year is a beautiful mastery of images to me. I felt like watching it on a large scene would suit it fine, much to me pure enjoyment it came off clean, clear and fresh. Also premeiring that evening was the much anticipatied Syndicate release of All Smiles. The crew should that the Cleveland scene contiunes to push forward as a staple zone for interesting riding and rippers. The event was fun and the after party was in effect. More good times, house party/super sleep over for the younger crowd. Props to Cleveland/Akron/Kent Crews, Autumn Line, Syndicate, and the Porter Families!

The Villagers

Martini's for everyone

Ok Start....

Hold it.....

Wait for it.....

Winner of a Rome SDS Riff......

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