Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Dood is Smart and Dumb all at once.

I was on Yobeat clickin around and Ahart of agoodreed has a story about this EX%N story. First EX%N?!, unless you're collecting a check why would you go to this site, when there are so many more legit sites to visit. While it's funny that a Skier would claim cool (not really they always thought they were and still do) these are the same fuckers that wanted nothing to do with snowboarding decades ago. That was until they realized that they could profit from it. So all the hate and prejudice I experienced as a young rider swiftly became encouragement for profit. As snowboarding became increasingly more popular skiers became older and older. As few as couple years ago Skiers mean age was close to the 60's. That states a lot too me, a generation gap that reminds me of computers and tech. While the snowboard brands start to get bought by larger ski brands and board short brands which lead to pumping up the pop culture level plus Extreme-lames and Olympic Hype. Now you ride for your Country? Weak sauce! This all leads into the cool or cooler write up that EXskiboyN trys to hate and claim that skiers are cool or cooler. While he does make some strong points as to the lameness of some riders it's nothing that other snowboarders wouldn't call snowboarders out on too.

First he had to write the story because no one else but poser youth who want to be "different" knew. (there are still significantly more skiers than snowboards (fact) just go out on speed racer night and count) Skiing has three hour plus boot fits!? Why do you want to put your foot into anything that takes that long to fit, no fun! But I leave it to you, I find that snowboarding offers me much more on the Hills of the Midwest. I lend the idea of freedom to riding likening it to skating down the street. Every things a option no rules or guides, But I'll let you all hash it out in the park whether skiing or snowboarding is cooler?! See you on the lips, pussies!


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Well put amigo. Well put.