Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Train and A Big Mountain

Point it!

Brandell Suchy and Ian Easton

Rob hyped and in love

The spot

First Chair Big Mountian

Off piste looking back at the piste

First hike hype

Robby Cliff Monster

Radio Tower hike ruled

Savvy Skate Style TNT?

Hellroaring Escape

Tree Ride Method

Outta Bounds


Brandell Wild Cat Tree Ride

Easton Ollie

Suchy Slap

Park time

The Road Home

The Damage

Peace Off Paul

1 comment:

savvy said...

sunny almost 40 degrees good friends and epic times thanks oppy ,jeff, and whitefish locals for the goodtimes and new friends ...if you have not been to big mountain dont it sucks ..pretty protective about that zone stay off that wave...savvy