Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre Jib Mad River Ohio Dec 12th Recap

rome pre jib mad river from syndicate on Vimeo.

Premature Jibulation Mad River

Year 2 in Ohio brought opening weekend hype. With the sun offering a warming effect on the morning, finishing touches were put on Capital Park the set-up. A fresh feature we choose to call the Montréal, which offered a rail perpendicular to two down bars at a 90-degree angle capping it off with a larger drop off the end. At the bottom an up rail and pole jam sat next to each other lookers left. On the right a down box for getting that swivel on.

With more sign ups than last year it looked like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana all showed up to throw down this year. It was great to see riders from all over. Riders were split into two groups and each was up for a 30 min jam session. Group one threw down early, the Montréal feature was get lit up on either side. 270’s were standard on or off. Hard ways start to show up later in the session. A few riders attacked the up rail with methods off and FRT1 on to BS3 off. Down box got all it’s could handle. With a long hike riders were getting tired near the end of the session. Trick coming harder as we finished out group one.

Group Two seemed a little larger with a furious beginning to the first session. Similar results on the down bars, seemed like the hard ways were on in this group and BS on was being thrown out much more in this group. When group two wrapped the judges conversed to trim out about 20 riders for a semi session. This session we had planned to take the top three riders for a rider judged final, well with the session to heavy to pull with trick like hard way BS 270 board to same way 270 off going down. Things were close to narrow down only three, so on the fly the judges pulled the Berric’s move pitting four riders head to head.

With this head to head battle set Sammy Elam Vs Cody Hines and Oliver Dixon Vs Dylan Chrismer hashed it out. After the head to head the judge determined the top three riders to be judged for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd by their peers. After a few rounds of applause to sort it all out Sammy Elam came out on top, with Cody Hines taking 2nd, and Oliver Dixon come home 3rd. Prises were tossed a few short battles ensued and Prejib Concluded. Post game left a large crew of Michigan and North Ohio riders running laps all over Mad Rivers fun runs. Big shout outs go to Mad River Mountain, Capital Park Crew, all the riders, Brighton posse, GR heads, Syndicate Crew, Kevin, Brian, Rich, Marie, Brandon, Casey, and Ohio snowboarding.

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