Monday, December 27, 2010

Tomorrow Will Never Be Today?

Big Things happening in Sterns. The Youth Shelter Supply is hosting the Bald-E-Gal Cup Finals. 
See you tomorrow around noon at Powder Ridge.

Also if you haven't been to Make's Blog Click the link. Danimals! 

Anthony and I is a mini-series coming to a local cable station any day.

House of 1817 is posting on the regs. Pop in there, get scary

Twolves 2 wins in a row. YES.

Felt bad about not making the Flow Trash Premier. Heard it was off the chain. Buy It Assholes.

Tucker Dropped a book, Buy It

Vikes tomorrow? Yeah. Vick may unleash. I hope AP does as well. 

Ok Monday. Done with you.  

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