Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking Away In Iceland

Quite Sunday morning streets


Kids skating a busy square everyone hanging and chillin

Geothermal plant pumping the steam from the underground

Crater pool

Stained glass of the oldest Christian Church in Iceland

That Church and the Volcano in the distance

Waterfall with Salmon ladder


Sulfur water

Viking stone


National park between the Continental divide which is sinking 4cm a year

Continental Plate

Rock of law

It has been a great trip. This is just the first two days much more has gone down. Like plenty of chilling and thinking without all the day to day crap. It's funny how free one can feel away from the rigors of one's life. So much lies ahead that we must push on and break our shells or carry them with us. I think of good friends when I'm in places like Iceland. Wish they were here, I'm lucky that Carrie is here to share this. Good days.


jessnmu15 said...

Great pics from Iceland!

jessnmu15 said...

Great pics from Iceland!