Saturday, May 2, 2009

Waves Man Waves

Wave Hunting @ Squaw from SPEC on Vimeo.

This has been on a few site. I just watched it, super pumped, go Messy Hair...Backing that dood for sure. Music, ripping, general rad style. Super hungry to slide sideway right now. Skated this morning which was fun. Fell so hard doing nothing, kills me. Relearned a few tricks and watch Savvy crew and og stillville youngin kill it. Just trying to move my stuff up stair in the remodel.

Saturday chill mission...Happy Birthday Zombie Shawn!

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matty906 said...

Hellllzzz yeah! Looks like messy was paddling into some dank frozen waves! Pete what the hell no love for the c-unit on your link thingy? Oh yeah I bought Forrester's old mac so look out I'm strait comin up! Oh yeah and lets get some hockey playoff bloggism going on this shit! Holla!