Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Past - Tim Swart

Tim Swart is the Marketing guru at Ipath and owner of UNIV, he sent over this photo from 1984. I'm sure a bunch of you weren't born then. Yeah snowboarding really isn't as new as you think. Really the first reverse camber boards were built right around this time. Funny!

sick stuff
jersey 1984
brings back the memories
So was that the year you started?
How many days riding would you get in around than?
every day after school
maybe 30-40 i guess
not always snow there
same town as Paul from rome
Mostly at a hill of some sort?
golf course etc
Not resort yet huh?
funny. That jump someone had to push you too
i did resort before they banned it but the twin fin would just slide around
When did you take those off?
Never did? Interesting so did your second board have fins as well?
What was that and what year?
went edges next
maybe 86 got another one
Direct Instant Message session ended
Years later, i know your still sliding snow sideways, what keeps you strapping in?
i dont
10:11 AM
You dont?
went once in 3 yrs
oh thought you were just riding up at that spot we just were?
10:21 AM
well snowskate
havent strapped in there since before the kids
10:25 AM
so that change the game, when are they going to shred?
more sledding this year prob next winter mess around, he'll be 3 and a half then
10:31 AM
well i'm posting this on corduroy any shout out from back in the day till now?

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