Monday, April 5, 2010

Midwest Super Puddle

Upon arriving to Fridays session I learn a friend had been seriously injured I saw the ambulance racing away. Later I heard about how serious a injury Trevor had sustained. If you wish to send him well wish here's a link to his Facebook that his mother is monitoring and updating. Seems to be making progress but is in need of some love and thoughts.

Midwest Superpark is always a good time. The event tends to be on the strange side, but thats what happens when skiers are involved. Been to everyone of these badboys so the forecast of rain and just returning from Europe wasn't going to keep me from rolling to Marquette.

Fridays short sess had mandatory dirt gaps, as well as lots of exposer to grass and mud. I knew than that Midwest Super Dirts was back in effect.

I was Hyped.

C-Unit was to.

This crew.





Killa Cam.


Scissors Kicks.


Look a Real Olympian I'm Hyped. Yeah Nick!

Rich Inspired.

Jerk Move.

Water Jam.

Nose Bonk.

Casey Shifting.

Pre Meth Hit.

Dean Decided To Show Up.

Product Testing.

It was a solid day of sliding snow. Rain held off and many of us thought about Trevor's condition. I bailed back to MN to be home. Thanks to the homies for help and goodtimes.

Trevor many are pulling for you man. We can't wait to see you shred again. God-Speed.

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