Friday, April 23, 2010

Funday Friday.

-Rome TM/Red Sox Fan John Cavan caught up with MFR and talk about her major bail in the backcountry recently. Little teaser on some Team Shoot Out talk. Also bookmark the trails and tribulations of the SDS crew as they film for the 2011 release The Shred Remains.

-Make Productions drops a Spirit Closing Day Edit. You got knocked the....

-Keep thinking about how hyped I am on working with this guy. Oh and this guy is up in the Mix to.

-Vikings trade to a team in the Division. Well see what we end up with tonight. Lot's of Fan started jumping on this guys bandwagon once he slid down the first round.

-My Midwestern homies took care of some West Coasters. I think with Thriller taking it to the the rack all series. I'm think this could go 7 games. Not 100%, Thunder squad is young, but maybe just young enough to not know any better. All this is to the dismay of this group of homies.

-Sky High in Milwaukee WI has daily updates. Check it out, this shop goes way back (1988) in the Milltown scene and is one of the truest in the Midwest.

-Forester Design has recently launched. He's our man behind the first issue layout and our up coming tee. Which I should have next week.

-Speaking of the New Corduroy Shirt. Casualties Skate Surf and Snow has just launched they're own spring line of gear. Be sure to check it out.

All right crew have a great Friday Funday.


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