Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July.

Stoked for BBQ's, Burgers, Beer, Friends and Family. Get out and celebrate! Watching Joey Chestnut kill fools in the Nathan Hot dog eating contest. Classic. Also really strange watch people shovel hot dog in their grills looking like chipmunks at a camp site.

-Familia Total Eclipse of the Heartland Event coming soon. Also peep this interview over at Frank 151.

-Summer Shredding is going down. While I'm all about summer Midwest style right now. Rome SDS checks in from Windell's first 2 sessions.

-Ipath fall shoes are hitting door this month. Peep the line right here. Super hyped!

-Ashbury Homie and Owner Lance Hakker guestbook over at Snowboarder mag. Plus this tee is straight fire.

-Post draft and subsequent fall out, free agent hoopla, signings of euro post players, trade rumors, and well fandom for a failing club. Man Wolves make being a fan of their club a cruel culture. Screw it, I'm still all in on being a unapologetic flag waver of my hometown NBA squad. Plus with Wes-J, Webster, at least we added some wing game. Well see what shakes out over the next week, when the player who remains nameless on this blog signs with whoever stoked him the hardest.

-Holden had the team out to Portland a few weeks back. Catalog, web, and online images were shot. Marie Hucal was in the mix. Sounded like a great time. Peep some of the shot on the Facebook. Like those Holden homies. Shits timeless!

Have a happy and safe 4th. Be kind.