Friday, July 2, 2010

Pando Session Reprise

Progression Session at Pando from Tommy Young on Vimeo.

Regional Rome SDS shred Tommy Young and Homies ripping one winter eve. It's fun to ride you local spot with friends, randoms, old and new homies. Tell me you're not missing these session right now. I mean, I know, 4th weekend coming up, weathers great, boozes, burgers, and bros, but really for this kinda of session i'd give it all up to slide sideways on some snow.

Shredders in the flick-Erick Milewski, Ben Ohman, Kyle Caswell, Luke Sprunger, Marc Moline, Ben Ott, Max Hofert, Drew Nelson, Jake Richardson, Tommy Young, and OD Dixon.

Happy 4th brew!