Monday, August 9, 2010

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas

"Im With Stupid" teaser from Role Model Productions on Vimeo.

-Role Model crew bring their take. Get Hyped!

-Videograss Premiered, here's the quick links to the action shots. Sound like it was a intense party! TWS up in there, Yo Beat Crew, Snowboarder in the house, plus House of 1817 was at hood and brought the party (DUH).

-Look out for more Videograss premiers in the Midwest.

-LNP seems to get more action in shred than most pro's I know. Here he's taking on young Lazz..

-Both Issue of the newest mags are out. Both are read cover to cover by me. My Firsts issue picks is Snowboarder. Go out and grab it.

-Final when building a team looking to contend, one need the looseness of players like this. Super. We got him!