Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marie Hucal Takes A Step Up, It's Official!

Party Pooch and I are Proud today that after a official Rome Team update, it's announced Midwest Am Army Rider Marie Hucal will be bumped up to the main squad. If you don't know this young lady you sure will soon, with opener in last years Peep Show movie, clips in regional films like Fresh Airs "This Side Up", and parts in both upcoming releases Peep Shows "Let make better mistakes tomorrow" as well as Syndicates "Sooner or Later". You'll surely recognize her ripping style and handling of some heavy rails. With Marie France Roy down this years because of neck injury, Marie was asked to join Rome SDS for the Team Shoot Out where she left a strong impression on the crew riding tuff despite a pretty heavy shoulder injury and illness. I know, it goes with out saying for many, but it takes a lot for a Midwest rider to make it to this level. Others have and more will garner opportunities, but it's still quite a testament to her passion for snowboarding as well as her abilities to rip. Marie also is stepping up on Holden Outerwear and receives a lot of support from Ashbury Eyewear. Congratulations Marie and keep chargin!


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