Friday, April 15, 2011

April Roll

Make it snow, on its way to show, the my way, I roll to the north in search of the warmth of friends that share this same desire, i swear, i need to feel that wind that glistens sin of a free feeling i bare once i'm there, just check that rear view because it's still loaded with the white lines of memory that washed in from the past, before, where we drop deep to slash away from our day to day, no play and it's meaning less rodents who steal that cheddar that you worked so hard to care for, when you know i doesn't matter cuz it's only matter.

Well now thats off my mind.

So many things Rocking.

Familia Day of, True Heads, and Soundset events lock and loaded for May 27th, 28th and 29th

- Rome SDS annual "Local Gnar" Video Contest is on. Entries need to be in by May 15th.

- Ashbury steppin up the game on eye protection. Get some info.......

- Wisco Weekend one last hurra at Tyrol Basin.

- Lutsen is open this weekend. Get up there.

- Twolves season is over. Now for the Speculation season to begin. Will we get the 1st Pick? Is the Coach out? Whos the new Coach? Is Rubio coming? List is long...

- Brett Spurr is getting it this season with a cast of Troll/Wild boys. Peep the most recent trip edit.

- Also Foundation Snowboard Camp Vet Tyler is making things happen in SD. Good Job T! Peep the Teaser.

- Nesser Travels the world. Skated a lot of amazing spots. Peep this 05 footage from Beirut.

Rip it.

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