Saturday, April 23, 2011

Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #10 Last Day at Nubs Nob

Spring Boarding was the plan and Jason and the Boyne Highland's Crew had a super fun set up on Saturday. Props to them for making it happen, many came to enjoy the 60 degree weather and get some final days in. With skateboarding on the mind, unique lines, halfpipe single hitters, and channel ollies we're laced all day. Post game a bunch of friends skated at small park in Poteskey, while others were beat from a day of rippin mashed potato snow and choose to retreat from the suns rays.

That evening a mucho meals was made and shared, celebration enused, birthday wishes were shared. Some choose to camp with fire in tow, i hear the night was long. We awoke to the sound of thunder and rain. With the prospect of riding diminishing and a heavy headache, the phone rang. It was Jason from Boyne saying that the second day of riding Spring Board Meeting wasn't going to happen, Area manager wasn't down. We slowly cleaned out the condo and asset the situation. Rich Whinnie made the call to Charlie Hoffman, Nubs was a go. Last Day. Lets go.


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