Friday, May 27, 2011

Day Of

Here we go. After a brief pregame last night, this weekend is setting up to be one for the memory bank. Day of Familia with special weekend goods and deals. Roll through with a crew cause the fun happens all day. If you want hang with some pros and bros I think the 5 o'clock hour should be loaded with True Heads. Then later continue to The Red Stag for the Release Party of the 5th edition of the True Heads Board Series. Saturday Slice aka Clint Peterson art show, more epics hangin and partyin to ensue. Wrap it up Sunday with SoundSet.

-Premier in Michigan laced up some Corduroy Main Photo Guy Cameron Strand shots of Ipath Regional Pusher Casey Huizenga.

-Corduroy Issue soon online for all to see? Layout action was preformed by one Colossal Human.

-OG Midwest Motion Picture Capturer and Editor is Building quite a large profolio Check you this site and demo reel. Yep Midwest.

-Speaking of profolio Ty Modz a young up and comer is doing some really rad shit as well worth a peek.

-Faction Boardshop In Alexandria just moved up stairs and refreshed the shop check it out if you're in the hood.

-Also giant welcome to Zombie Boardshop to the worldwideweb with their 7 years in the making website. Click that link and check it out so they know you're out there.

-Finals Mavs VS. Heat....Damn. Well If the Heat wins it just shows the way the bullshit creeps to the top in our beatass society. CASH RULES EVEYTHING AROUND us.....

Well with that on the mind it's rad when talent like Mr. Jake Breed contiune to roll with a purpose and a story to tell, regardless. Get out and push. Hope to see you this weekend. Ole'

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