Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feel The Heat.

With Spring finally sprung I thought it important to revisit a great edit of some soul searching in the streets of Michigan. Thanks to the kids pushing the Ipath Footwear all over the Midwest and beyond.

-This weekend Nordic in Wisco is hosting a late season jam. I'll be there! Peep footage of the past evetns.

-Also this Weekend is a Celabration of Damage Boardshops Six Pack of Years! Bout too!

-Twolves time. Never won a 1st overall pick, never choose 2nd, been the worst in terms of wins 3-4 seasons. Bad Luck Puppies go for #1 in the draft tonight in the lottery. The Lottery systems sucks! Just saying.

-Day Of Familia is coming up, with Soundset and Burnt Art show, make it out this weekend. Clear the calendar and get real with some True Heads.

-Pleanty O Shred happening out on the West Coast. Super Bender and Hood firing right up.

-This has been out for a minute but Frank April is on some seriously proper skills (and has been for years now) that more people should pay more attention too. Yo rail kids, straight up, you need to get your trick selection and style up to speed, cuz many of you cats are living in a snowbounddreamlandwithyourboysblowinmadsmokeupyouownasses. Dig? I don't care. Your shit is constantly getting weaker.

-If you haven't ventured to the St Cloud Plaza I highly suggest you do. Peep it here.

-East Coast tour for most the Ipath Crew. Trying to work out something local on a smaller scale. Stay tuned.

-Neff East vs. West winner should come out soon. Looks like a Couple Midwest guys are potentially in the running. Props to Damage Boardshop, Martini Skate and Snow, and The Youth Shelter Supply for holding it down!

-Some Midwest OG respect over at Rome SDS for Craig Williams, well worth the read! Also Shop Homie Wyatt from Rhythm Skateshop in Houghton MI getting some L O V E.

We Out.

We'll leave ya with some footage from the Farm.

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