Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Shred Remains.

Filming a team video was something I advocated the day I interviewed for a gig with the SDS. Two movies later and the third on the way, I always thought it was rad to have team movies as that's what skateboarding had done for years. I'm stoked to say that piles of Midwest kids are getting a chance to be in The Shred Remains. We lost a few winter soldiers along the way in this process but the likes of Viktor Simco, Cameron Strand, and Mark Wilson stepped up to put it on the line to film for this project. All these guys had other stuff going too, but piled in a van for months. Marie Hucal is coming off surgery on her shoulder after filming for two project the season before, but also piled in with the doods for months. Also Kevin Castanheira a Midwest grom when I first meet him is also helping put a touch on this film. It has me super excited to see it. I know there are a ton of movies I excited to see, but this really is close to my snowboarding heart. This is why we are behind Rome SDS, it's us, we're inclusive, not exclusive. We are you too.

There's to the real shit.

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