Monday, March 31, 2008

Midwest Super Dirt

This weekend took me to the U.P. of Michigan- now not for the first time, more like the tenth time this year. Alas really enjoy the U.P. It's a real place with a bunch of real people. This weekend is Superpark which has been running for a number of years. This year had more Industry types than ever, as well as tons of people from all over the Midwest making the trek to Marquette Mountain. Now you have to sign a release to ride the Super portion of the park and it typically lays waste to a handful of people throughout the day. I think this is due to the "it's morning and I'm not warm yet but I'll hit it", moving on to the "it's the last big event of the year, i better lay it on the line", and then to "fuck it, I'm winning this thing" mentalities. Three times the Ambulance came to pick up someone who had been looking for tranny. Well, as I don't enjoy over sized tranny finders nor does the majority of the crew, we made our way to ride the "rest" of the resorts. Marquette MT has some great terrain to offer if you search for some you'll be riding fast lines with Super options (instead of park, get it).

We made our way to the Ice Monster, with Ryan on a filming mission. Cameron, Marie, Tommy, Brandon, Ricky, Jordan, began picking lines on this unique feature. Over the top seemed to be the route early on but Ricky started slashing-n-spinnin the nipple option. This had others looking at that line as well. It was a warm spring day and the snow was mashy p's soft but stable at this point in the day. Landing was on the mind of Jordan as he wanted to put that landing gear down a cab tail butter to dropper. Third time's a charm for many and Jordan was included in that group.

After a healthy session at the Ice Monster we returned to the Industry land that had the scent of grilling goodies and also flowing beverages. With some fuel in the belly and more homies to ride with, we set out to shred the unsuper portion of the park. I had ridden these lines earlier in the morning but it now had a sluffed out landing, though it still offered some enjoyment until i had this great idea to try to send a fs5 off a super small lip uncorking way too early and catching my tail on said lip laying myself out in a funny harsh style. A little shook, i ventured back to the tents. i found some solace in the beaming sun and a chair. Yes Superpark in the midwest in early days of Spring, good times indeed. We watched the giant tranny finder contest, grabbed a few more runs and last chair, then broke down and cut out to clean up and grab some grub. The sun had taken much of my energy and after lounging we hit the local Thai spot and broke over to Forester's for a post park party. Dancing, photo's, flip cups, porn, and homies finished up the night. I, being old and tired, broke out early and left the rest of the night to those that enjoy staying up late doing what they do.

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Dude! ice monster.