Monday, March 31, 2008

Things have changed

This blog I'm linking has an old news stories, Craig sent this link to me (Thanks Craig). It's brief but helps explain a lot about the difference between skiers and snowboarders. For all the snowboarders who never experienced the way skiers, ski areas, and the public viewed snowboarding, this lends just a little insight. Don't be so unsure that if they could get rid of you without losing the business they'd do it in an instant. Keep snowboarding and don't let the skiers take like they have in the last decade.

You know I think it's funny, but it seems like everyday I ride it's like a contest on the hill. You know what- that's a skier's mentality. Fuck that shit, snowboarding isn't a contest to out do someone; you want to help your peer learn new shit, hype the session, enjoy the differences in style, etc. Yeah a lot of different kids, doods, and ladies snowboard, that's great. It's an amazing lifestyle that i hope more people find or fall into. Don't let it be about sponsors, fashion, tricks, parks, pow, or whatever your many draw to it is. Expand within the culture that has no rules, never did when i was a 10 year old. I rode in a pasture on a skateboard turned snowboard(1988). Shit was real, we enjoy it for the ability to slide snow sideways and trying to do tricks we were doing on our skateboards. I'm not saying my way or the highway here what I'm typing here is enjoy your days sliding sideways and don't be a skier(jocks)!

Things will always change and it's never going to stop. That's the progression of the lifestyle. Just be aware of the things brushed under the proverbial rug in lieu of the amount of dollars to be made by these companies. The same companies that wanted nothing to do with the lifestyle in the past. "Cash rules everything around me, move"-Sound bombing 3

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Steven said...

It's weird how some things said in that article, different time period, sound familiar today. Thanks for the history, know your roots.