Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trees Tires and Tricks


Today we awake post pub night with a few hangovers and it's rainingish out. So with a slow start and some lagging crew we decide to niks the mountain to save on ticket cost. Shits mad spendie not worth a half day of riding in the present conditions. Though we would allow these minor issues to derail our shred. With mini shred on the collective mind we took to the van and random roads of Fernie to seek and destroy anything shredable. First victim was a off the windy road to island lake lodge with a mini log session. Short hike to the top and it was on, after we kill the hot pow, gaps, and logs we bailed to see where the session would take us.

Driving around to some spot we stumbled on a sweetass city park with many a mini shred option. Tires of the large kind lead to stales, picks, rides, and swingsets? Sure. Craig, Terry, Kop, and Wolfe all ripped and enjoy the hail style snow. We rode like it was a pow day and loved every second.

Rip it and swing it.

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