Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cover Shot

Marie Hucal sent this art over yesterday. Super cool idea with Corduroy the Bear finds a Snow Flake. September is in full swing and the leaves are changing. Fall is making its case for a run at the Midwest. Wish it would snow tomorrow winter homies are climbing out of cracks and crevasses. Premiers reign the night and dreams of new tricks, spots, and experiences flood the dreams of every rider. Now is the time to start making winter plans, where will you ride this year? Who's driving? You going to stay on the couch or man up for the room? Is this the year you make the leap to live in the mountains, leaving the blah of the day to day for the anticipation mountain town life. Making snow your everyday reality with no distractions.

As the Magazine quotes come in and the first issue becomes closer, it fuels the desire.

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Anonymous said...

Sign me up for a subscription man. Diggn the cover...the winter is nigh...