Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grand Rapids Fun.

Preshow Line.

Second View.

Ready to Rock.

Whinnie Knows.

You got the Memo, Awesome!

Cameron Strand now a member of the Hives?!

Disruption by Design.

Happy Stuff.


Happy to see live music.

Jimmy Johns house party.

Rockin the Room Modern Matt.

Thanks Levi.


Sky High Baby.

Turtle Time.


Steven said...

Such a good night... It was good to see everyone. We got rowdy!!!

Mouse said...

What a wonderful weekend! I'm loving the pictures, and for the record, we didn't plan the matching shirts, it just happened. Apparently Eric and I are just that cool. I believe you still have my room key, but I suppose that gives you a free reason to come back and visit again.