Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stearns Co

Wolfe made the trek to The Red Carpet.

Pettit pumped on Ten Years of The Youth Shelter Supply.

Ezra manned the mic and may have found a new career.

Riley pumped up the jam, nothings new. He also made his transformation from Nike head to Flannel guy.

Brisse in the mix with proper stuff.

Anthony was shy but if you want to see his other Art go here.

Nick's been holding it down on the Signal front. He came to see the countless young shreds rippin his stuff.

Dummers back from the west good shit.

Whoa where's Tarah.

Olson and Justin Hyped and should be Bald E Gal flick was sick.

I think Tnuts on the mic but the party people are in effect.

Hey heads in the house.

Tommy has been surfing the Great Breaks of Duluth.

Jonas and Joe are about to explode. Olson feels the heat.

Simco and Larson enjoying the evening.

Both movies the are the cats PJ's. While they offer different takes they both have some heavy shredding. Bad Idea's has plenty of rail mastery and great parts. While Tree Please offers more of a season of riding' take, with back story and a broader scope of locations. Thanks to The Youth Shelter Supply for holding it down for specialty shops in the Midwest. Congratulations go out to both film crews for once again creating great films. I suggest purchasing these flicks for your collection of shredding DVD's.

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