Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Day. Yep.

Wild Mountain Hase and Stacks of Shreds read to Switch-up to Switch-up to hole-dirt-landing. Too much Fun, Too much Heart, Too much Soul.

Pinewskis kids were Hangin Hard and ripping. I call Jed Anderson's Kit will be the most repped this year. No really you have to love snowboardings ever changin stylee.

Wolfe taking in the first day of season 22 oh that make us both on 22 seasons of shred. Fuck can't say if ever had a better day. I love snowboarding!

Is it a ghost at my resort, no it's Wolfe's misty (ok more than misty) backside nose butter 3 out.

Little sw bonk late bs1 revert thinger at ground level.

Well it was good to see the heads i saw and to the others i'll see you soon. The season begins!

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