Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Jacked Snowboarder Video

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Kinda funny that this office is kinda small but way bigger than in the beginning. If you notice where the stairs are and everything to the dog Jackson was the whole office when I started working with Rome SDS. So the Offices were in the upstairs space that now is a photo area and the conference room was Paul's office which was the whole Product Manager zone. The office you really don't get to see was Josh's Office in the far corner. The whole of the room was Art Dept, Sales Dept, and anyone else who was helping. It cool to think that Rome's kept the same space in a old Train Depot next to the tracks in Waterbury VT for it's whole existence. Yeah it's growing over the years, but it's rooted in it's past at the same time. I really think that says something about the people behind the Rome SDS. I find it funny that on so guys was saying if you were a good snowboard brand and "core" you'd be in the mountains or something. He's was from Lake Forrest CA?! Not really a place for ripping riding, but a major boot company is based there. They must not be a "core" boot brand?! I don't know it's just funny how people who don't know anything continue to make stupid statements via the Internet. People I i can't say one thing on the Internet via this blog is be skeptical of what you read and who it's coming from. Lots of crap to go with a positives of Interweb world.

OK I have to update two premiers it's been tuff because I'm out on the road trying to make it happen. Those will be coming soon. Thanks for Reading this Blog. The Magazine has been held up some I'm sorry it's ready to roll but the cost of printing was higher than estimated forcing us to rework our initial plan for printing. Once I'm able to post up I'll work to get this thing finished with the swiftness.

Ole' to the ones that care!

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