Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Paul Overby, a Big Sky local snowboarder and snowboard instructor was nearly beaten to death in Bozeman on September 17th for trying to stop two idiots from stealing his friend’s moped. Paul’s medical bills are estimated to be in the $2,000,000 range and his friends and family are reaching out for assistance with these expenses. A fundraiser for Paul, the First Annual “Pillage in the Village”, will be held on November 14th. The “Pillage” will be a full on family friendly festival including product raffles, film festival, live music and even a rail jam (conditions permitting).

For more details, visit here and Paul’s website for updates on how his recovery is going as well as ways you can help.

Please contact Liz Wells for more information about the event or to find out how you can help.

If you’re anywhere near Bozeman get up there and have a great time while helping out a fellow snowboarder. If you’re not, do what you can do to help out.

Ok so I grabbed this off the Rome SDS site. This rippers been around the Midwest for years. He was a Fobia kid and always came into Maplewood shop when I was running it. I often saw him out at Afton Alps when I went there to ride. It truly hurts me that this happened to a good person. It's sad to think about where humanity is at this point in its undefined existence. I hope anyone with the means drops a note or sends some loot to help Paul out. If anything send some energy and positivity out his way.

Lets learn to be better!


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