Thursday, July 23, 2009

Timberwolves Rookie Jonny Flynn

So we took two point guards back to back in this years draft and while Ricky Rubio tries to get out of a bad contract in Spain, our other PG went to Vegas and showed that he's going to be a solid addition to the team. So solid that we traded our last seasons main PG outa town. Couple things of note on Jonny, he jumps off two feet which makes it harder to knock him off this course in the air. When a player jumps of one foot in the lane they often can be pushed around if meet midair. I think this is a asset in the league around the rim, as he is a small (shorter) player. He also has a solid handle (he did turn it over often in summer league playing to fast?) which allows him a quick change of direction (key on pick and everything NBA plays). Jumper looks strong from range and his sight looks to be able to produce plenty of opportunities for the rest of his teammates.

Ellington to looks like he'll be a player of NBA caliber with a smooth jumper and some athleticism. May not be a starter quality SG but looks like a great rotational guys with a load of offense potential.

Now lets get Rubio here with some endorsement loot and get the season rollin.

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