Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gnar Winners Again...Go Midwest or Go Home...

"For the third year in a row, Rome SDS has encouraged local riders to grab their friends, grab their cheap digital video cameras, go shred, and get it on film.

The Local GNAR celebrates, promotes and publishes videos from local scenes around the world. This season we got stacks of videos from all across the US and Canada, and even our first entry from Japan.

The entries this season were awesome. They were super creative, had great editing, great snowboarding, and had what stokes us out the most, crews of riders genuinely having a good time on shred. So many videos made us anxious for the season to start, it made judging really difficult.

Although we’d love to send some boards and a stack of cash out to all the entrants, here are the top three who took the honors.

In third place was Ryan Wonfor, scoring three pairs of 2010 Rome 390 bindings, five pairs of Rome gloves and ten limited edition GNAR T’s.

In second place is Jeff Cormack out of Boulder, Colorado, his crew had some legit riding, and super solid backcountry stuff. Jeff scored two 2010 Rome Artifacts, three pairs of 390 bindings, five pairs of Rome gloves and ten limited edition GNAR T’s.

Winning the third annual Local GNAR contest is Kevin Castanheira and his crew out of Canton, Ohio. The “crew” vibe in this film was awesome. It really felt like you were watching a group of friends have a blast all winter long. For all his efforts, we’ll be sending Kevin two new Artifacts, three pairs of 390 bindings, twenty limited edition GNAR shirts and a THOUSAND BUCKS.

“This contest represents everything that’s right with snowboarding right now. First and foremost it was loaded with kids submitting videos of their crews having fun. There were kids on road trips, night riding, backflips in the backcountry, and even an entry from Japan. All of these videos embodied the spirit of the GNAR video, fun and riding with friends. In the end there may have been a few clear winners, but there were many, many more who were clearly having a great time snowboarding, and that’s the most important thing” – John Cavan - Rome TM/Kids on Shred Director

A huge thanks to all the crews who put the time in to make a video this past season and send it in. There were a ton of great videos, and some definite honorable mentions.

Keep an eye on www.romesnowboards.com, where we’ll be posting ALL of the entries from this past season when the new site launches, so you can check all of them out and do some judging for yourself."

So yeah First and Third for the middle. Stoked on all the crews who submit, if your crew wants to submit next year. DO IT! Make, Wizards, i'd love to see you guys throw down a fun edit for this.

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