Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rich Whinnie A Man With History

Rich has been sliding snowboards in Northern Michigan for many moons. His pursuit of winter has even taken him to Tahoe, California to shred with friends and film. I meet Rich in Tahoe after a few emails, about shred skills and sponsorship dreams. We hooked up one day in March at Northstar and as promised, he produced free tickets to ride for Wolfe and I (awesome). So we head up the lifts and get to the crazy runs of park features that Northstar offers. I mean at this point it's just a little surreal, between meeting new homie with free tickets, being on a shred mission to Tahoe, all the great snow we already had rode, and this crazy park resort. So the session is on and we start riding the medium park jump line. 20ft to 30ft stepdowns so not huge but they're pretty boosty for my flavor. So after landing low on these a few runs we start to dial in some, dropping in Rich just drops underflip out of no where, stomp! Wolfe and I are hyped the energy level just boosted and while we weren't dropping sw 7 to back him up, the riding was fired up none the less. The session was fun and a new friendship formed on the snow.

Years later Rich has been a shop rider, shop employee, regional rider and in the last few years has stepped up to tech rep (for lack of term). He's been on the trail, started to log miles in the van, found a girl and got a dog, all while holding it down on the streets and slopes. OG comes to mind when I think of Rich. Just a good Midwestern rider who's paid some dues, chased some snow, and made others hyped to ride for years.

Rich has been sharing here.

Ole' Rich Whinnie


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our favorite dick!... love charlie and marie

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