Sunday, August 2, 2009

Red Bull Bailout

So this went down yesterday, the intent was to post this JPG last week and go once I got home from the darkside (MI, IN, OH). Well Victor called and we were going to link up. I got home unloaded and called Victor, no dice, hit Bovee to see where he was at, out of town. Hit Victor again and again no answer. So feeling at this point, the long drive of the day (9 hours, dig) and with no one to pull me downtown, I passed. OOOOPPPPSSSS.

Super bummed. Well The Hesh was there and filmed it looked dope. Big ups to Dennis at Cal, and shout out to Aaron for that BS3.

Update some photo's came over the World Wide Web (web-think about that, we're all trapped).

The Scene.

Aaron DAMN!

Cj, Aaron, and Dan, make that cash in pocket.

Photo's courtesy RED BULL Josh....

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